Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lavender Apple

Last night I put in CBV's Lavender Apple to melt.  (Sorry, no picture) I love Lavender Vanilla but I was a little worried that this would be too harsh without the vanilla to help mellow it. I shouldn't have been worried!  The Macintosh apple in this helps cut the harshness that lavender has and really sweetens it up.  You can smell both parts fairly equally.  I don't think it will replace my love for Lavender Vanilla, but it comes pretty darn close.  Just what I needed tonight, as I am feeling stressed out... need to take a couple of deep breathes and relax.  This is perfect for that!  :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kimono Silk and Jamaican Ginger & Grapefruit

These two scents are recent melts in the past two days, so I am finally all caught up.... :) 

I don't have pictures of these so I was going to try to take a picture with my webcam, but it will not load up, so I will just give you a quick little rundown on our thoughts.

Jamaican Ginger & Grapefruit was in the melter yesterday.  Unfortunately, it is just too sharp for me.  Scents like this burn my nose and sinuses.  Cynthia loves it however,so it will be another that will go in her room downstairs.  I have a feeling it is the grapefruit it in.  It is a very sharp citrus with a bit of clean notes to it.  I liked the background of the scent but couldn't get past the sharpness.

Kimono Silk is today's melt.  It is a bit sweeter but it also has grapefruit in it and I get the same issue.  Besides grapefruit, it has notes of mandarin, peach, plums, Valencia grapes, rose petals and Nubian musk.  The other fruits lend some sweetness and the roses and musk a bit of powder and mysterious notes.  Cynthia likes this one as well.  It is ok for me.

I hoping to start posting a writeup on the most recent order we purchased.  It is huge and will take multiple postings, but I am going to try to make a dent in it this evening, so be on the look out!

Floral/Clean Scents

In this post, I will be talking about these two scents:
I really could have put Apricot Freesia in with the Fruity scents I reviewed but oh well. 
Apricot Freesia is a nice scent but didn't blow me away.  I was hoping it would be a little similar to Sheer Freesia from BBW but it wasn't it.  It almost smells a bit plastic-like when cold, like a apricot scented doll or something. When it warms up, more of the floral notes come out. 

Cool Citrus Basil is a BBW dupe.  It is a bit like a clean men's cologne on cold sniff but when melted becomes less cologne-like and more clean and fresh.  I love the smell of fresh basil but don't really get that smell at all.  It is very refreshing though!

Fruity Scents

Next up in my group reviews of CBV scents is the fruity ones, although one of these is a mix of fruit and floral notes.
I think out of all of these, Bite Me was the one we both liked the most.

Bite Me - very fruity!  The description includes lime, orange, effervescence, berry and cherry notes, a bit of green notes, and a vanilla base.  I get the berry and cherry first, the fizzy notes, and then the lime and orange.  I don't really get green notes at all or vanilla.  Very reminiscent of fruit punch!

Hell on Heels - The description on this one includes peach nectar, red apple, blood orange, muguet,  peonies, black plum and musky vanilla.  I am getting a green, sharp note... not sure what that is.  I am not a fan of peonies, and can smell those in here as well.  I also smell the blood orange.  It is a nice, well rounded scent, just not for me. Cynthia liked this one quite alot, so the other half will probably be hers.

Honey Orange - Since I usually don't like many citrus scents or honey scents, I am shocked that this one was really nice.  It is a sweet orange.  Kinda clean but does not remind of a cleaning product.

Georgia Peach - Not my favorite peach scent... that would be Peach Preserves or Cajun Cornbread.  It has a great peach fragrance but also includes a bit of a green note to it and tartness.  I prefer the sweetness of the other peach scents.

I am going to let my laptop charge a bit and then I will be back with 2 more posts... then I will be up to date!

Three CBV Black Label scents

This post is going to consist of a review of three Black Label line scents, which are very complex scents.
Out of these... 007 was the winner! Everyone raves about this one and now I see why.

007 is a strong clean scent.   The description doesn't list any specific notes.  It is a spa type scent, but does not have that ocean/ozone note like many do.  It kinda makes me think of a very upscale expensive fabric softener.  I would totally go for getting the BL candle in this.  I know this was accidentally got added to the bath and body products and I am so glad it did.  I did get it to try in a soap last order and could see having it in lotion as well, although I might be afraid of it being too strong.  We shall see.

Bonsai - This scent reminds me of a glazed doughnut with a little bit of something else.  It is described as Japanese rice pudding garnished with vanilla blossoms.  I really like it.  Some might find it too sweet though.  I think I would like it in candle form because it would be a little more mellow, as melting using gives you a POW of scent.

Earthquake - This one I just couldn't handle.  It has top notes of nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and cinnamon leaf.  The mid notes are dried figs and juicy white grapes.  The bottom notes are honey, vanilla, and tapioca.  I am not sure what turns my nose off to this scent, but I am thinking it is the figs and possibly the honey.  This was one out of probably 3 or 4 that I have had to shut off before fully melting and I have tried probably 400 or more of CBV's scents.  There are many that really like this scent, so don't let that keep you from trying it out if it sounds like something you would like.  Every nose is different.  :)

I'm back!

I am finally back, and this time, I think I will be posting regularly again.  See, I am finally finished with my degree and it arrived last week!  Yay!  I am happy and proud.  : )
 Even though I am working full time now, I am even more excited to get him and melt or burn some CBV and I should also have time to post about some books and movies as well.

Since I am a bit behind on reviewing scents we have tried, I am going to be posting them in groups instead of individuals.  I might even do this as a weekly post, talking about the scents we went through that week.  Would love some feedback on which you prefer.

I am going to start with bakery scents.  There are only two:

Brown Sugar Shortbread - this is a mix of Brown Sugar and Granny's Pie Crust.  I haven't tried either on their own, but this is a really nice warm scent.  Very comforting.  Not sugar strong, but I find that most sugary bakery with vanilla tones are not.  That is just the nature of these scents.  I really like this one and would consider getting it in crumbs or cubes.

Get Me S'more - Where to start with this one?!  So dang good!  I was a bit scared because the first night I melted it, I got sick at my stomach.  I was so hoping it was not the scent, because I loved it cold.  Thankfully, it wasn't.  The next night when I melted I didn't have any problems and fell in love.  We get the rich chocolate first, then the ooey-gooey marshmallow, and then the yummy graham cracker.  I am so getting this in cubes!!!

I don't think I have posted a link to CBV in a while, so if you are reading this and are interested in checking it out, you can find it at Candles By Victoria. Victoria offers close to 900 scents, in an array of options.  You can even make your own by combining two scents. :)  She is working on unveiling a new updated website in the upcoming weeks.  Can't wait!

Look for more posts in a few!

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Alabama Slamma

The CBV scent that has been on the melter the past few days has been Alabama Slamma, which is from the Black Label line at Candles by Victoria.  These scents a more complex than most.  This one is described as having top notes of pumpkin and lemon, middle notes of champagne, grapes, nutmeg, and smoked cinnamon, and base notes of vanilla, tea leaves and hickory. 

The first thing I get on cold sniff is the hickory.  Very strong.  When melted, the pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon come out a bit more, however the hickory is still very prominent.  This is similar to Godfather, so if you like that, you would probably like this as well.  Godfather is almost too strong for me, and this one is just a bit stronger. As this has been on the melter longer, it has mellowed a bit and I like it much more than I did at first, but I don't think I would reorder or get it in a candle. 

It may be a week or so before I post again, since Cyn is out of town visiting her dad.  I can't try any new scents until she gets back, lol.  So, until then......don't forget to relax with wax!

CBV Sea Salt Caramels+White Chocolate Karibu & Rock That Vanilla+Sexy in Stilettos

Alright, these will be the last two Create-a-Scent tries for a while.  This order of scent shots was ordered to experiment with CASs and these were the last sets.  I do have a few more to try with some crumbs that I have, but I will do those later.  I am a bit burnt out with CASs. 

I don't have pictures right now because they are on my laptop, which Cynthia has while visiting her dad.  So, this will just be a written review with no pics... sorry about that.

First up, Sea Salt Caramels and White Chocolate Karibu. 
I believe I reviewed SSC in a previous posting (mixed w/ Fudge Brownie).  It is super rich and buttery!  So good. :)

White Chocolate Karibu is a Godiva dupe I believe, and has notes of cashews and white chocolate.  However, to my nose, I get more of a buttery popcorn smell with a drizzle of white chocolate.  Not bad at all, but not really what I was expecting.  

Mixed, the popcorn smells is diminished a bit but not totally.  It turns a little more creamy and rich.  

Last, but not least....Sexy in Stilettos and Rock that Vanilla.
Sexy in Stilettos is an amazing scent on its own!  It is a creation by Victoria for a youtuber and a wonderful lady.  It is super sexy, a bit fun and a bit sophisticated too.  I see this in my future as a body spray.  :)

Rock That Vanilla is a dupe of a company that shall not be named.  These can be found in the section called Candleman's Closet.  Most of these scents have a distinctive note to them.. like a clean soapy note.  I believe the only one that I don't get that from is Peace.  Anyway, this is a musky vanilla.  Many love this scent, but it is not a fav of mine or Cyn.

I mainly wanted to try this CAS because of the name given to it... Rockin' My Stilettos!  Such a cute name, huh?  This was not bad, but I do like SiS on it's own better.  The RTV seemed to mellow it out too much for me.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed all the CAS reviews I brought you way.  Mixing scents is a lot of fun!  Even though I am ready to get back to melting one scent at a time, it is a great way to try new things.  I found a few combos I want to order in candle form in the future.  Also, Victoria also came out with sliceable loafs that can be ordered in CAS form.  You just slice a piece off and put in a warmer.  She also offers soft whipped wax called "gelatos"  that can be ordered as CAS too.  

Talk to ya'll soon!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

So far behind on CBV Create-A-Scent Reviews :(

I am so sorry that I left the few readers I have hangin'!  No excuses, but I have started working full time (Monday thru Friday and half day on Saturdays) plus finishing up at my other part time job that I am letting go August 1st, and studying for my finals for my last semester toward getting my AA.

On top of all of that, my daughter and I went to see NKOTB, Boys II Men, and 98 Degrees this past week.  Can you say AMAZING!!?  We had really great seats and had a great time!

Ok, so now, on to Candles By Victoria... I think I am just going to put these all in one huge posting.

First up... Fudge Brownie and Sea Salt Caramels.  :)

I have already reviewed Fudge Brownie on its own so I am not going to say much about it besides it is so GOOD!

Sea Salt Caramels is a really rich buttery scent.  It is actually pretty strong by itself and if you like buttery scents, you should try it.


 Put these two together and you create a pretty magical blend.  Smells just like those brownies have the swirl of caramel in them just pulled out of the oven.  HEAVENLY!

Next up... Pink Bubblegum Crush and Sweet Snow....

Pink Bubblegum Crush is a certain company dupe and is SUPER sweet, almost so much that it is toothache inducing.  The description suggests it is reminiscent of a blue bubblegum snow cone.  I get that.  However, this is just too sweet for me. 

  Sweet Snow is a vanilla and peppermint blend.  It has just the right amount of each.  I also have this in lotion form and it is lovely. 

When Sweet Snow is added to the PBC, it does cut the sweetness some and makes it more tolerable to my nose.  I don't think I would get this mix in a candle however.

Now onto Pink & Lime and Trix Are For Kids.......
Pink & Lime is a mix of pink sugar and lime... and OMG is it good!  I am usually not a fan of lime/lemon/citrus scents but this is fantastic.  The lime is not overpowering or "cleaner" like and the pink sugar notes just give it this sugary sexiness, lol.    My daughter has this in body spray but in my next order I am definitely getting a body spray, lotion, and soap in this scent.. possibly some bath bombs as well. 

Tris Are For Kids smells just like you are sticking your nose in the box of cereal for a sniff.  I have never liked these cereals, even as a kid, but this smells great.  It even has that smell of the sugary crystals in the bottom of the box!

The mixing of these two bumps up the citrus notes from the added lime and sweetens it up from the pink sugar.  It is a really nice mix!

Alright, the last group up for review is Pink Sugar/Sweet Snow and Pink Sugar/Salty Sea Air.....

Sweet Snow was mentioned above and I have reviewed Pink Sugar in a previous posting, so I will just go straight into the mix review.

When mixed, I feel the Sweet Snow overpowers the Pink Sugar just a tad, but it is still a great mix of sweet cotton candy like scents and peppermint.  Very unique!


Salty Sea Air includes cyclamen and waterlily as top notes, green seaweed and clover for the middle notes, and driftwood as the base.  This is a very airy ozone type scent, which tends to be too sharp for nose.  It is nice though.
 Mixed with PS, this is awesome! I would totally get this in a candle.  The PS softens that sharpens but still allows the freshness of the SSA to come through.  :)

I am hoping that it won't be so long before my next posting, but I can't promise anything.  By mid August I should be done with school and will only have ONE job to worry about.  I hope you enjoyed my run down on these scents.  :)  BTW, most if not all of these mixes were created by members of the CBV Addicts Unite page on Facebook.  Just want to give credit to those that came up with them! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Moonlight Path + Raspberry Violet

Alright, last CAS for the night.  This beauty, called Happily Ever After, was created by Jandre.  What a perfect name for this scent!     

 This is a BBW dupe.  It is described as a mix of musk and sunflowers.  This is a middle of the pack scent for me but my daughter Cyn loves it.  It is nice powdery scent.

Raspberry Violet is a lovely fruit/floral mix.  It is a very different unique scent.

When mixed, the Raspberry Violet tones down the powdery notes of Moonlight Path and sweetens it up.  It is a wonderful mix.. a little relaxing and a little bit fruity and floral.  Very nice!

We are melting Trix are For Kids right now, so look for a new post in a few days!

Goldilocks + Lemon Gingersnap Pie

Here is another Create-a-Scent!  This one is a take off of one that was done by Ashtyn.  She used Goldilocks and Lemon Meringue Pie and named it Goldilocks and the Three Pies.  What a cute name! 

 Goldilocks is such an amazing scent.  It is described as the fragrance of oats, spice, fruit, woods, and a bit of floral and vanilla notes.  It is so complex, I really can't pick any particular notes.  I get a bit of a citrus zest note, some vanilla and maybe spices.. not cinnamon though.  To my nose, it almost has a bit of effervescence to it.  So comforting!
Lemon Gingersnap Pie is my favorite lemon scent of Victoria's.  It is just the right balance of tart but a bit sweet lemons and a little zing from the gingersnap.  This is not spicy at all.  The gingersnap just gives this a little something extra. 

Even though this is not a favorite CAS that I have tried, it is not bad at all.  I think I would like it more with the Lemon Meringue Pie because it is creamier than Lemon Gingersnap Pie.  On top of that, Goldilocks was a bit overpowering.  I think I wanted more lemon.  I would say three and a half out of four.  :)

Fresh Laundry + Pink Sugar

I am back! 

This is another CAS from a fellow CBV addict.. Ryan Marie.  I hope no one minds that I mention names... I just hate not to give credit when credit is due. 

 Fresh Laundry smells just clothes fresh out of the dryer... so clean and fresh! I think I like this better than Clothesline Fresh.  CF is stronger and a bit more ozone to my nose. 

I have reviewed Pink Sugar in my previous post but YUM!

These two make a nice pairing.  The Pink Sugar adds a nice sweetness to the Fresh Laundry without either one overpowering the other.  If Fresh Laundry is too "fresh and clean" for you or if Pink Sugar is too sweet, then try mixing!  Super good!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fizzy Pop + Shamrock Kiss/Pink Sugar

Surprise! I am actually back posting one day before I thought I would.  :)

I have tried all these scents on their own before but I will do a quick run down of them anyway. 

Shamrock Kiss is described as including candied apples, pomegranate, fresh ivy and oakmoss.  It is a fruity but fresh/clean scent.  I definitely smell the candied apples (red apples I think) and the green notes of the ivy and the muskiness of the oakmoss.  Love it!
 Fizzy Pop is a really cool scent.. lemon/lime soda with fizz and all!  The difference between it and Lemon Lime Fizz is that Fizzy Pop is a bit more fizzy and less sweet than Lemon Lime Fizz.  It is a great mix with just about anything!
Pink Sugar is an Aquolina dupe, which has notes of cotton candy, lemon drops, and raspberry jam, with a bit of musk.  This is a very sweet scent, but not as sweet as Pink Bubblegum Crush.  This is more perfume-like. (duh Shannon, it is a perfume dupe, ha) I mainly get cotton candy from it but it is a bit more complex than that, just can't pinpoint it.  Really like this on its own as well as in the many scents it is in!
Now for the CAS mixes:

Luck of the Irish - 
Ryan Marie came up with mixing Fizzy Pop and Shamrock Kiss and she named it Luck of the Irish.. just love that name! I could totally see a really cute bowl candle with lots of glitter, a rainbow and a pot of gold for this scent mix.  :)  This mix smells really good... I just love the fizziness added to the fruitiness of Shamrock Kiss. 
Pop Rocks -
This mix was created by Summer Hobbs and is the Pink Sugar/Fizzy Pop combo.  This was added to the regular line so you don't have to mix it now, but at the time I had ordered, it was not available as its own scent.  It is soooo freaking good.. I totally get the rave about it and why it was added to the line.  It is sweet and fizzy.... just like eating pop rocks! 

So, that is it for now folks!  Have a great night!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Elvis + Fudge Brownie/Zucchini Bread/Viva La Juicy

Alrighty, do have a long post for you!  It has been busy around here (it seems I keep saying that, lol) and I just haven't had a chance to get this post out.  So, let's just get straight to it, shall we? :)

I believe I have reviewed Elvis before but just in case, it is AMAZEBALLS!  This is a mix of Peanut Butter and Banana.  Neither one overwhelms the other and it is not a super peanut buttery scent.... just super yummy! 

Viva  La Juicy mixed with Elvis is pretty yummy.  I can't remember who made this one up (sorry about that!) The Viva La Juicy is a bit stronger than Elvis but Elvis gives it a bit of creaminess that is really nice. 

Fudge Brownie smells a bit like brownie batter ready to be put in the oven and a bit like brownies right out of the oven.  So rich and yummy!  Elvis and Fudge Brownie mixed together are MAGIC!  I can't even explain it... just so good you want to eat the air, I tell ya!

I was not a fan of Zucchini Bread cold (to me it had a almond note to it) and could not understand what everyone raved about but once this baby is warmed it lost that almond note completely and knocked my socks off!  It is super hard to describe... not overly spicy, not too sweet but definitely bakery. 

Adding Elvis to the mix gives it that creaminess and a bit of nuttiness.  It is a great mix and worth a try, especially if you don't like Zucchini Bread that much.  It changes the scent just enough to make it different. 

I was pleasantly surprised by all of these mixes and their counterparts.  :)  I should have another batch of scents up in the next few days, Wednesday for sure. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Viva La Juicy and DKNY Delicious

This is a pretty dead on dupe of the perfume.  It is a bit fruity and a bit floral.  I can't really pick out particular notes.  Maybe berries and jasmine?  I really liked this one on it's own.  :)

I reviewed DKNY Delicious in my last post so I won't go into detail, however it is not a favorite of mine. 

 Jandre came up with the mix and it is a great one! 
Mixed, the DKNY is toned down by the notes in Viva La Juicy and I really like them together.  :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

DKNY Delicious and Blueberry Cobbler

Surprised to see another post so quickly!?  I didn't know what scents were up next until I looked this morning.  We have tried both of these scents individually before, so we went ahead and mixed them up.  

I have only smelled the DKNY Delicious perfume a few times and do not own it.  It is described as having top notes of apple, cucumber, and yuza, middle notes of magnolia, tuberose, lily of the valley, and roses, and bottom notes of sandalwood and white amber.  My nose picks up the apple and a lot of the floral notes.  I don't hate it but I don't love it.

I have reviewed Blueberry Cobbler recently in a previous posting, so I am not going to go into great detail about it.  All you need to know is that it is a yummy amazing bubbly blueberry scent!

I can't remember who had come up with this mix... it is not listed on the CAS file on the FB group.  I had written the mix down when it was mentioned at some point, but didn't write down who made it up.  Unfortunately, I did not like how these two mixed.  DKNY Delicious seems a bit too overpowering and I lose the yummy blueberry scent.  :(

Have a great night!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Country Berry Hotcakes and Peach Preserves

These are both super yummy scents from Candles by Victoria!  Great summer scents for sure!

I have had Country Berry Hotcakes before and it happens to be one of my favorite scents.  On cold sniff, it smells more like just a can of berries in syrup... but when warmed the pancake notes come out a bit more and it smells like warm pancakes smothered in syrupy berry compote.  YUMMO!

Peach Preserves is a new one for me but I have tried Cajun Cornbread (Peach Preserves and Kim's Country Cornbread) and loved it so I knew this one would be good.  I think I like Cajun Cornbread just a tad more... I love the extra "salty" umph that the cornbread scents gives it. 

Now, the idea to mix these two was a take on another Deb creation that she called Bed & Breakfast.  She had used Wildberry Scone but something about that scent does not sit well with me so I thought I would substitute Country Berry Hotcakes for it.  This mix is DELISH!  This one just might be a CAS candle in my future.  Neither scent overpowers the other.  I truly want to lick the air, it smells so good!  LOL. 

Night all!  I should have another set of reviews coming up by end of the week!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Goldilocks and Coconut Cream Pie

I am back with a CAS review as well as the reviews of the individual scents, although I may have reviewed these scents before.  These are gonna be quick because I am exhausted!

Coconut Cream Pie smells like the real deal... I am not a huge fan of coconut scents but I do like this one.  It is creamy enough plus it has the flaky crust too.  I do like Banana Coconut Cream Pie a bit more though.

This is a L**H dupe, which doesn't mean much to me because I have never had anything from that company.  Goldilocks is described as a treat of oats, fruit, spice, woods, soft florals, and vanilla bean.  It is bit of everything!  I smell citrus, almost something fizzy, some oats, and sweetness.  It is such a unique scent!

Now... mixing these two didn't really change Goldilocks too much... I feel it overpowered Coconut Cream Pie too much.  The only thing the CCP added was a creaminess to Goldilocks.  I wouldn't call it a fail, just not order worthy for me. 

Hope to have another CAS review coming up by Sunday or Monday!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Deep Mountain Maple, Macintosh Apple, and Cinnamon Donuts

Alright.. this set of scents took us a while to get through, but we did it!  It has been a CRAZY week, let me tell ya!  Sad thing is I think this coming week is gonna be just as cray cray... HELP!!! LOL. 

Ok, first up to review is Deep Mountain Maple....
This surprised me!  I was not really keen on it just on first sniff.. but warm it really lights up!  I am not a big maple fan but this one is really rich without being overly sweet.  I don't think I would get this in a candle but it would work great as a mixer to give that richness to any bakery scent.  :)

Now onto Macintosh Apple.  :)   
This is just a straight up red apple scent, really juicy, fresh and crisp!  So good!  When it comes to scents like this I have such a time not being tempted to mix it with something to make it more complex, lol.  It is a  great scent alone though!  :)

The last individual scent is Cinnamon Donuts...
OMG... I desperately need this baby in my life!  This isn't overly cinnamony... it has a nice balance of cinnamon, sugar and the doughy scent of donuts.  Candles by Victoria has a super duper yummy looking candle that has doughnuts all over it in this scent.  I totally see this on an order soon! 

Now onto the mixing!

Autumn in New Hampshire - This is a mix of Deep Mountain Maple and Macintosh Apple, created by Deb.  She was shocked that I remember that she had though it up, lol.  But I didn't remember the name.  Even though I like DMM and Mac Apple on their own alright, mixed really bumps each of them up to another level.  (see mention above about simple scents).  This is a nice scent but probably wouldn't order it in a candle.  Just too many other scents I like more. 

Warm Apple Fritters - This is a mix of Macintosh Apple and Cinnamon Donuts, was created by Ellie and is now a regular scent that can be ordered on CBV instead of getting it in a Create-a-Scent or getting scent shots or crumbs to mix it up yourself.  :)  What a great scent!  Smells just like an apple fritter ordered straight from the doughnut shop!  YUM! 

So, that is it folks!  I am so hoping I can get on here more often but I just don't know when that will happen.  Hang in there with me!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

CAS called Christmas Cafe

Yes, I know it is not not Christmas but I don't really mind because I am not much of a seasonal burner/melter.  This is a mix of Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte and Caramel Cream Eggnog.  Before I dig into describing it, I will first talk about each one separately. 

Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte - This is my second favorite coffee scent from CBV, my first being Raspberry White Mocha Latte.  This is a great mix of coffee and the spices of gingerbread.  It is not overly spicy. 

Caramel Cream Eggnog - This is a super rich and creamy scent... almost buttery.  It is pretty yummy on its own, but it is almost too buttery for my taste. 

This create a scent was made up by the wonderful Jandre and it is super yummy!  The richness of the Caramel Cream Eggnog mixes beautifully with Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte. The buttery note is toned down and is much more enjoyable to my nose.  This would be an excellent scent around the holidays so I can see why Jandre named it Christmas Cafe.  :)  YUM!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Perk Me Up, I'm Feeling Blue

Sorry that it is has been a bit since I have posted.  Things have been crazy busy!  I am also done with my last semester toward getting my degree.. yay!  One more class to go!  On top of that and working two jobs, Cyn and I joined the community band so we have practice once a week and try to practice most every night as well.  So, that doesn't leave much time to be home and enjoy CBV, but we do when we can. 

The mix this week was named "Perk Me Up, I'm Feeling Blue" by a member of the CBV Pouring Pot message board.  The scents are Blueberry Cobbler and Coffee Bean.  First, a review of each one separately.                                           
This is such a delicious fragrance!  I have never been a big fan of blueberry scents because every time I try one, it seems so artificial smelling.  This is definitely different than all the other blueberry scents I have tried from other companies.  It is super rich smelling and hits it on the head, right down to the crusty cobbler notes!  It is also super strong.  When I melt, I usually keep my melter on for a few hours then shut it off, as it makes the scent last longer.  After it cools down, I turn it back on for a bit.  A half of this scent shot lasted on and off for 4 days!  

Now onto Coffee Bean....
Need a coffee fix?  Take a sniff!
Coffee Bean is a straight up coffee scent... no cream or sugar or extras... just strong black coffee, just how I like my coffee!  That is so funny because I really love the scent of all the flavored coffees and such, but just can't stomach to drink them, lol.  This is a really great coffee scent for those that want a coffee scent without all the added scents.  It is not my favorite coffee scent but I do like it quite a bit.  :)

Now..... for the magic!  These two mixed together are FREAKING AMAZING!  It smells like the party in your mouth would sure to taste like if you were eating a slice of oozing blueberry cobbler all warm and gooey and having a nice cup of joe along side it.  This is a must CAS for me whenever I order candles again!  

Until next time.... 


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Candles by Victoria Aquolina Blue Sugar & Vanilla Lace

Hey there fellow scentaholics!  The last few days, we have had the CBV's Aquolina Blue Sugar as well as Vanilla Lace going in the melter.  First, each one separate, then mixed together.  I figured I would just wait and review them in one posting instead of three different ones. 

First up... Aquolina Blue Sugar! 
The description includes fresh citrus, romantic florals, fresh green tones, patchouli, and a base of vanilla with soft musk and exotic woody tones.  I love this fragrance!  It is just enough masculine but with enough sweetness.  Don't be afraid of the patchouli, which I know can be overwhelming to some, me included!  This is such a great scent.. both guys and gals would like this one!

                                                                                         Next is Vanilla Lace....

This vanilla is described as French vanilla, with African violet notes as well as sweet flowers and musk.  I do get a bit of musk in it, but not really any floral notes.  It is a very nice sweet vanilla scent though. 

These two make a wonderful mix, although I think I prefer the Aquolina Blue Sugar on its own more because the Vanilla Lace tones it down a bit too much for my liking.  I will definitely be getting ABS in a candle in the future or even possibly in a jar of crumb melts.   :) 

Night folks!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Apple Cobbler/Pumkin Eggnog CAS

I wanted to do a quick review of mixing the last two scents I posted about from Candles by Victoria... Apple Cobbler and Pumpkin Eggnog.  I do like the Pumpkin Eggnog more mixed with the Apple Cobbler, but it is still really spicy strong. I still prefer Apple Cobbler on its own. At a later date, I am going to try the rest of Apple Cobbler with Pumpkin Pralines, which I think I will like much better. 

On an end note, my thoughts go out to all of those affected by the bombings during the Boston Marathon today.  Even though it should not really surprise us anymore, it still does.  If it didn't... that would be even worse.  #prayforboston

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pumpkin Eggnog

The CBV scent we put on the warmer tonight is Pumpkin Eggnog.... described as spicy pumpkin mixed with creamy eggnog.
I have to say, this one is super spicy!  I was hoping for more of the creaminess to come out.  I like it, but would prefer more creaminess and less spice. 

We are going to be mixing this with Apple Cobbler that I reviewed in the last post.  I am thinking that, even though Apple Cobbler is not overly spicy, it will not tone down the spices in Pumpkin Eggnog much.  We shall see!  :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Apple Cobbler

Just a real quick review on what I am melting tonight... Apple Cobbler.... so yummy!  It goes great on a cold snowy day... the only thing that might be better would be to have the real deal, lol.
This is a really great bakery scent.  I get warm apples with cinnamon and nutmeg and the crusty "cobbler" note as well.  This scent is a pretty heavy scent and very strong, however it is not overly spicy I don't think.  If you have tried and liked Cajun Cornbread or Raspberry Peach Cobbler, you should give this one a go as well.  :) 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wintery Candied Apple

I thought I better get on here before going to bed to post what has been on my melter this weekend.  This scent, Wintery Candy Apple, is a Bath & Body Works dupe and is dead on.
The scent description for this is "top notes of crisp apple, pineapple, and zests of orange; middle notes of neroli and cinnamon; base notes of sandalwood, fresh musk, bamboo, and patchouli."  To my nose, it is just a nice crisp apple scent with maybe a touch of earthiness.  I don't really smell any orange zest... maybe a bit of juiciness from the pineapple.  Because of the lack of spiciness (even though the description does mention cinnamon), I feel this is a great scent year round.  It is one of my daughter Cynthia's favorite scents.  She already had some body spray from B&BW in this scent and now has lotion from CBV in it as well.  This is one of the best, if not the best apple scent I think Victoria has.  :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

White Tea & Ginger

A couple nights ago, we popped this CBV scent into the warmer.... and immediately feel in love! This is the ultimate spa-like fragrance.
 It kinda reminds me a bit of White Ginger, but without the floral notes that are in that.  It is really warm with just enough spice from the ginger but the fresh scent of the white tea.  I so want this in crumbs the next time I order.  I hope it is added to the bath & body line soon... it would be excellent!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Scent of the Day: Victoria's Secret

After a long day at work, I love coming home and putting a CBV scent on my melter or lighting up a candle.  It is the perfect way to unwind! 
Tonight's scent is Victoria's Secret, which is a blend of lilac and lavender. 
This scent is amazing!  It is such a great mix of relaxing lavender and floral lilac. The lavender gives the lilac an earthy tone and the lilac mellows the lavender out somewhat.  This is still a pretty strong floral though. It makes me think of Raspberry Violet for some reason, mixed with lavender.  I don't know why because RV doesn't have lilac in it, lol. I might have to get this in candle form in the future!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vanilla Velvet

Got another vanilla scent on the melter tonight... this time it is CBV's Vanilla Velvet. 
This is described as a rich velvety vanilla enhanced by sweet creamy butter and that is pretty dead on.  It is a very sweet and rich vanilla with buttery undertones.  It is not a favorite of mine but is really nice.  It would also be a great mixer scent!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Vanilla After Dark

Today's CBV scent up for review is Vanilla After Dark, a deeper vanilla scent with earthy notes, musk, and amber. 
I think this one is in my third place as far as vanilla scents go.  I think I like Vanilla Bean & Boysenberry and Vanilla Bean Noel before this one.  My main issue with vanilla scents is that they are so light and in my melter, tend to take on a burnt smell quicker than other scents.  I think that is just the nature of vanillas.  This is not super earthy, but you can tell that there is something "dark" about this scent, hence the name.  It is a really nice bedroom scent and is very relaxing and cozy.  :)