Sunday, May 26, 2013

Country Berry Hotcakes and Peach Preserves

These are both super yummy scents from Candles by Victoria!  Great summer scents for sure!

I have had Country Berry Hotcakes before and it happens to be one of my favorite scents.  On cold sniff, it smells more like just a can of berries in syrup... but when warmed the pancake notes come out a bit more and it smells like warm pancakes smothered in syrupy berry compote.  YUMMO!

Peach Preserves is a new one for me but I have tried Cajun Cornbread (Peach Preserves and Kim's Country Cornbread) and loved it so I knew this one would be good.  I think I like Cajun Cornbread just a tad more... I love the extra "salty" umph that the cornbread scents gives it. 

Now, the idea to mix these two was a take on another Deb creation that she called Bed & Breakfast.  She had used Wildberry Scone but something about that scent does not sit well with me so I thought I would substitute Country Berry Hotcakes for it.  This mix is DELISH!  This one just might be a CAS candle in my future.  Neither scent overpowers the other.  I truly want to lick the air, it smells so good!  LOL. 

Night all!  I should have another set of reviews coming up by end of the week!

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