Sunday, May 5, 2013

CAS called Christmas Cafe

Yes, I know it is not not Christmas but I don't really mind because I am not much of a seasonal burner/melter.  This is a mix of Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte and Caramel Cream Eggnog.  Before I dig into describing it, I will first talk about each one separately. 

Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte - This is my second favorite coffee scent from CBV, my first being Raspberry White Mocha Latte.  This is a great mix of coffee and the spices of gingerbread.  It is not overly spicy. 

Caramel Cream Eggnog - This is a super rich and creamy scent... almost buttery.  It is pretty yummy on its own, but it is almost too buttery for my taste. 

This create a scent was made up by the wonderful Jandre and it is super yummy!  The richness of the Caramel Cream Eggnog mixes beautifully with Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte. The buttery note is toned down and is much more enjoyable to my nose.  This would be an excellent scent around the holidays so I can see why Jandre named it Christmas Cafe.  :)  YUM!

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