Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lavender Apple

Last night I put in CBV's Lavender Apple to melt.  (Sorry, no picture) I love Lavender Vanilla but I was a little worried that this would be too harsh without the vanilla to help mellow it. I shouldn't have been worried!  The Macintosh apple in this helps cut the harshness that lavender has and really sweetens it up.  You can smell both parts fairly equally.  I don't think it will replace my love for Lavender Vanilla, but it comes pretty darn close.  Just what I needed tonight, as I am feeling stressed out... need to take a couple of deep breathes and relax.  This is perfect for that!  :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kimono Silk and Jamaican Ginger & Grapefruit

These two scents are recent melts in the past two days, so I am finally all caught up.... :) 

I don't have pictures of these so I was going to try to take a picture with my webcam, but it will not load up, so I will just give you a quick little rundown on our thoughts.

Jamaican Ginger & Grapefruit was in the melter yesterday.  Unfortunately, it is just too sharp for me.  Scents like this burn my nose and sinuses.  Cynthia loves it however,so it will be another that will go in her room downstairs.  I have a feeling it is the grapefruit it in.  It is a very sharp citrus with a bit of clean notes to it.  I liked the background of the scent but couldn't get past the sharpness.

Kimono Silk is today's melt.  It is a bit sweeter but it also has grapefruit in it and I get the same issue.  Besides grapefruit, it has notes of mandarin, peach, plums, Valencia grapes, rose petals and Nubian musk.  The other fruits lend some sweetness and the roses and musk a bit of powder and mysterious notes.  Cynthia likes this one as well.  It is ok for me.

I hoping to start posting a writeup on the most recent order we purchased.  It is huge and will take multiple postings, but I am going to try to make a dent in it this evening, so be on the look out!

Floral/Clean Scents

In this post, I will be talking about these two scents:
I really could have put Apricot Freesia in with the Fruity scents I reviewed but oh well. 
Apricot Freesia is a nice scent but didn't blow me away.  I was hoping it would be a little similar to Sheer Freesia from BBW but it wasn't it.  It almost smells a bit plastic-like when cold, like a apricot scented doll or something. When it warms up, more of the floral notes come out. 

Cool Citrus Basil is a BBW dupe.  It is a bit like a clean men's cologne on cold sniff but when melted becomes less cologne-like and more clean and fresh.  I love the smell of fresh basil but don't really get that smell at all.  It is very refreshing though!

Fruity Scents

Next up in my group reviews of CBV scents is the fruity ones, although one of these is a mix of fruit and floral notes.
I think out of all of these, Bite Me was the one we both liked the most.

Bite Me - very fruity!  The description includes lime, orange, effervescence, berry and cherry notes, a bit of green notes, and a vanilla base.  I get the berry and cherry first, the fizzy notes, and then the lime and orange.  I don't really get green notes at all or vanilla.  Very reminiscent of fruit punch!

Hell on Heels - The description on this one includes peach nectar, red apple, blood orange, muguet,  peonies, black plum and musky vanilla.  I am getting a green, sharp note... not sure what that is.  I am not a fan of peonies, and can smell those in here as well.  I also smell the blood orange.  It is a nice, well rounded scent, just not for me. Cynthia liked this one quite alot, so the other half will probably be hers.

Honey Orange - Since I usually don't like many citrus scents or honey scents, I am shocked that this one was really nice.  It is a sweet orange.  Kinda clean but does not remind of a cleaning product.

Georgia Peach - Not my favorite peach scent... that would be Peach Preserves or Cajun Cornbread.  It has a great peach fragrance but also includes a bit of a green note to it and tartness.  I prefer the sweetness of the other peach scents.

I am going to let my laptop charge a bit and then I will be back with 2 more posts... then I will be up to date!

Three CBV Black Label scents

This post is going to consist of a review of three Black Label line scents, which are very complex scents.
Out of these... 007 was the winner! Everyone raves about this one and now I see why.

007 is a strong clean scent.   The description doesn't list any specific notes.  It is a spa type scent, but does not have that ocean/ozone note like many do.  It kinda makes me think of a very upscale expensive fabric softener.  I would totally go for getting the BL candle in this.  I know this was accidentally got added to the bath and body products and I am so glad it did.  I did get it to try in a soap last order and could see having it in lotion as well, although I might be afraid of it being too strong.  We shall see.

Bonsai - This scent reminds me of a glazed doughnut with a little bit of something else.  It is described as Japanese rice pudding garnished with vanilla blossoms.  I really like it.  Some might find it too sweet though.  I think I would like it in candle form because it would be a little more mellow, as melting using gives you a POW of scent.

Earthquake - This one I just couldn't handle.  It has top notes of nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and cinnamon leaf.  The mid notes are dried figs and juicy white grapes.  The bottom notes are honey, vanilla, and tapioca.  I am not sure what turns my nose off to this scent, but I am thinking it is the figs and possibly the honey.  This was one out of probably 3 or 4 that I have had to shut off before fully melting and I have tried probably 400 or more of CBV's scents.  There are many that really like this scent, so don't let that keep you from trying it out if it sounds like something you would like.  Every nose is different.  :)

I'm back!

I am finally back, and this time, I think I will be posting regularly again.  See, I am finally finished with my degree and it arrived last week!  Yay!  I am happy and proud.  : )
 Even though I am working full time now, I am even more excited to get him and melt or burn some CBV and I should also have time to post about some books and movies as well.

Since I am a bit behind on reviewing scents we have tried, I am going to be posting them in groups instead of individuals.  I might even do this as a weekly post, talking about the scents we went through that week.  Would love some feedback on which you prefer.

I am going to start with bakery scents.  There are only two:

Brown Sugar Shortbread - this is a mix of Brown Sugar and Granny's Pie Crust.  I haven't tried either on their own, but this is a really nice warm scent.  Very comforting.  Not sugar strong, but I find that most sugary bakery with vanilla tones are not.  That is just the nature of these scents.  I really like this one and would consider getting it in crumbs or cubes.

Get Me S'more - Where to start with this one?!  So dang good!  I was a bit scared because the first night I melted it, I got sick at my stomach.  I was so hoping it was not the scent, because I loved it cold.  Thankfully, it wasn't.  The next night when I melted I didn't have any problems and fell in love.  We get the rich chocolate first, then the ooey-gooey marshmallow, and then the yummy graham cracker.  I am so getting this in cubes!!!

I don't think I have posted a link to CBV in a while, so if you are reading this and are interested in checking it out, you can find it at Candles By Victoria. Victoria offers close to 900 scents, in an array of options.  You can even make your own by combining two scents. :)  She is working on unveiling a new updated website in the upcoming weeks.  Can't wait!

Look for more posts in a few!

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