Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fizzy Pop + Shamrock Kiss/Pink Sugar

Surprise! I am actually back posting one day before I thought I would.  :)

I have tried all these scents on their own before but I will do a quick run down of them anyway. 

Shamrock Kiss is described as including candied apples, pomegranate, fresh ivy and oakmoss.  It is a fruity but fresh/clean scent.  I definitely smell the candied apples (red apples I think) and the green notes of the ivy and the muskiness of the oakmoss.  Love it!
 Fizzy Pop is a really cool scent.. lemon/lime soda with fizz and all!  The difference between it and Lemon Lime Fizz is that Fizzy Pop is a bit more fizzy and less sweet than Lemon Lime Fizz.  It is a great mix with just about anything!
Pink Sugar is an Aquolina dupe, which has notes of cotton candy, lemon drops, and raspberry jam, with a bit of musk.  This is a very sweet scent, but not as sweet as Pink Bubblegum Crush.  This is more perfume-like. (duh Shannon, it is a perfume dupe, ha) I mainly get cotton candy from it but it is a bit more complex than that, just can't pinpoint it.  Really like this on its own as well as in the many scents it is in!
Now for the CAS mixes:

Luck of the Irish - 
Ryan Marie came up with mixing Fizzy Pop and Shamrock Kiss and she named it Luck of the Irish.. just love that name! I could totally see a really cute bowl candle with lots of glitter, a rainbow and a pot of gold for this scent mix.  :)  This mix smells really good... I just love the fizziness added to the fruitiness of Shamrock Kiss. 
Pop Rocks -
This mix was created by Summer Hobbs and is the Pink Sugar/Fizzy Pop combo.  This was added to the regular line so you don't have to mix it now, but at the time I had ordered, it was not available as its own scent.  It is soooo freaking good.. I totally get the rave about it and why it was added to the line.  It is sweet and fizzy.... just like eating pop rocks! 

So, that is it for now folks!  Have a great night!

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