Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Economics... Blah!

I should be reading the first chapter in my Economics class but instead I am here!  I am just not feeling it today but my goal is to get through at least 2 chapter today so I can be 6 chapters in by the end of the week.  If I can continue this pace, I should be done in a month's time and have about 3 weeks to study for my finals.  Definitely want to be totally done with school by mid-June so I won't have that stress while Cyn and I are gone to Dallas to the NKOTBSB concert.  So ready for summer!

I am so sleepy today and reading about consumers, government and such is just not helping me stay awake!  I have got coffee and I am burning Chocolate Peppermint Splash by CBV in hopes that my eyes will stay open, but I think I am losing the battle. 

I have got to play around with putting photos on here.  I really want to post pics my CBV stash plus other stuff.  Another thing I was thinking about was doing book reviews... especially after I finish reading the Anita Blake series, which I have been reading for over a year now... geez!  After the one I am reading now, I have one more to read to be caught up with the ones that I have.  I think Skin Trade is out in paperback now, but I don't have it yet.  I am going to have to switch genres for a while after this... I am burnt out on vamp books at this point.  Probably switch to murder/mystery ones with a few bios thrown in.  Can't really read romance much anymore... too jaded I guess, lol.  Now, vamp romance is a different story! 

Ok, I am off to TRY to get some of this class done.  Wish me luck!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Different Week, Same Craziness

I know it has been a while since I have blogged.  There have been a lot of things going on and I just haven't had the energy or time for it. 
Spring break was consumed with working on a school project with my daughter, but many hot glue burns later, it turned out great!  This week has been crazy busy at work and I have been busting butt to get done with my Interpersonal Communications class done with so I can move on to my last class for the semester, Economics.  UGH. 
The divorce papers are all done now and I am just waiting for the meeting with the judge.  I will be so ready for it all to be over.
I am in one of those melancholy moods tonight... not sure why.  Maybe I am just tired of all the bullshit and stress.  Wish life had a pause button sometimes.  Just need to take some time for myself I guess.  I don't see that happening until June when my daughter and I go to Dallas to see NKOTBSB and some girl time.  Gonna be fun!
I think I am going to read and then go to bed.  I am reading "The Grand Finale" by Janet Evonovich.  It is just a fluff book but is hilarious!  Love her Stephanie Plum books, but I was in the mood for something really light and not a series.  I am also currently listening to the audio book of "Danse Macabre" by Laurell K. Hamilton.  For some reason, I was having a hard time getting through the written version and decided to use one of my Audible credits for the audio version.  I only have about 2 hours left in it, so by the time I finish it I should be done with the book I am reading.  Next to read will be the next Laurell Hamiliton book in the series, #15 "The Harlequin".  Finally getting to one that I have not read yet, lol. 
For anyone that reads this, feel free to leave me comments or questions, or any thing you would like me to blog about.  Have a good night!