Sunday, July 7, 2013

Moonlight Path + Raspberry Violet

Alright, last CAS for the night.  This beauty, called Happily Ever After, was created by Jandre.  What a perfect name for this scent!     

 This is a BBW dupe.  It is described as a mix of musk and sunflowers.  This is a middle of the pack scent for me but my daughter Cyn loves it.  It is nice powdery scent.

Raspberry Violet is a lovely fruit/floral mix.  It is a very different unique scent.

When mixed, the Raspberry Violet tones down the powdery notes of Moonlight Path and sweetens it up.  It is a wonderful mix.. a little relaxing and a little bit fruity and floral.  Very nice!

We are melting Trix are For Kids right now, so look for a new post in a few days!

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