Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fruity Scents

Next up in my group reviews of CBV scents is the fruity ones, although one of these is a mix of fruit and floral notes.
I think out of all of these, Bite Me was the one we both liked the most.

Bite Me - very fruity!  The description includes lime, orange, effervescence, berry and cherry notes, a bit of green notes, and a vanilla base.  I get the berry and cherry first, the fizzy notes, and then the lime and orange.  I don't really get green notes at all or vanilla.  Very reminiscent of fruit punch!

Hell on Heels - The description on this one includes peach nectar, red apple, blood orange, muguet,  peonies, black plum and musky vanilla.  I am getting a green, sharp note... not sure what that is.  I am not a fan of peonies, and can smell those in here as well.  I also smell the blood orange.  It is a nice, well rounded scent, just not for me. Cynthia liked this one quite alot, so the other half will probably be hers.

Honey Orange - Since I usually don't like many citrus scents or honey scents, I am shocked that this one was really nice.  It is a sweet orange.  Kinda clean but does not remind of a cleaning product.

Georgia Peach - Not my favorite peach scent... that would be Peach Preserves or Cajun Cornbread.  It has a great peach fragrance but also includes a bit of a green note to it and tartness.  I prefer the sweetness of the other peach scents.

I am going to let my laptop charge a bit and then I will be back with 2 more posts... then I will be up to date!

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