Sunday, July 31, 2011

CBV Haul Review

It has been forever since I updated this thing!  Sorry about that!  I will kick off my return to blogging with a huge review from Candles By Victoria.  This is not our most recent order, but the order before it.  Cyn and I had recorded a video review for them, but I never got it uploaded... oopps!  I did get the video review from our most recent order uploaded to YouTube and you can find it (6 parts!!!) along with our other reviews at

If you have never ordered from CBV, you should!  Victoria has over 650 scents to choose from and pours your order when you order it.  Her customer service is top notch. You can choose from candles in different styles and sizes, tarts (scent shots), reed diffusers, and even some yummy custom dessert candles that will make you drool!  The candles burn clean with no waste.. just keep your wick trimmed!  What more can you ask for?  You can find her website at and if you want to join the CBV community, check out the message board at There you can find a group of wonderful ladies (and a few men!) that can help you with any question you may have, along with loads of reviews on scents. 

Now.. onto the review!

Frenchville Coffee –Smells just like coffee with creamy vanilla

DKNY Delicious –get the crispness from yuza & cucumber, notes of tuberose and fresh greenery scent

Mermaid Kiss – reminds me of Irish Spring soap, get the ocean mist scent with the oakmoss, have tried both of those but this is a bit more earthy

Lemon Peach Pound Cake Preserves – smells so good!  Get more lemon pound cake but the sweet/juiciness of peach preserves with it

Flap Jacks – like pancakes with maple syrup….. what can I say?

Mango Smoothie – mango and papaya first, then peach, a little lemon in the background

Gain Island Fresh – really clean and fresh, just like the detergent, fruity/floral, get notes of greenery, salty air, and jasmine

Carmen Miranda – This is what I wanted Fruit Salad to smell like!  Get crisp apples, peach, and berries, like a big bowl of fresh fruit

Blueberry Monkey Bread – first blueberry scents I have tried… in love!  Get blueberry, cinnamon yeasty note, don’t get any banana on cold sniff, but I bet it comes out in warming

Blueberry Cobbler – like this one but not as much as BMB, tangy blueberry filling with crusty cobbler note.. similar to note in Apricot crumb cake, but I like it in this one.

Salty Sea Air – freebie in order,  clean and fresh air… a bit woodsy in the background, light florals, like ferns

Viva La Juicy – don’t know the notes in the fragrance, but I get almost a sweet sugary note like Pink Sugar, with a tart fruity note.. not sure what though

Mango Tango – another detergent scent from Gain, juicy mango, crisp apple and green notes.. smell floral which may be tiger lily

Tiffany D – inspired by youtuber Tiffany-D…. first I get honeydew and watermelon, then sweetness from cotton candy.  Not a lover of melon scents but if you are.. go for it!

Enchanted Apple – soooo yummy!  Smells just like Mac apples caught on the air with green grass/greenery mixed in

Mediterranean Fig – I get a a warm fruity/floral from this… not sure what a Mediterranean fig smells like.  Fresh greenery note

Tangerine Mimosa – just like a fizzy citrus alcoholic drink!

Whispering Winds – soothing mint, ferns, and a bit of banana… get the mint first but it is not a in your face mint.. mellowed by other notes

Lime Crystal Kisses – really strong sugary lime/lemon 

Cajun Cornbread – has to be a top fragrance…. Reminds me of a gooey peach cobbler with lots of crust!

Party in my Cabana – This is what the man of my dreams smells like, lol.  It is not overly masculine, so don’t let that scare u.  The down of amber, musk and patchouli must give it enough masculine scent, but the florals and fruits give it depth even though I can’t pick any one note out

Lemon Gingersnap Pie – I get mostly lemon pound cake and a bit of crust.. not much gingerbread coming thru on cold

Maple Bacon – get more of a beef jerky scent from it… want to mix it with flapjacks and frenchville coffee or hot maple latte

Heavy Metal – I get a paint thinner/varnish type scent from this… sorry.  Cyn loves it… like liquid sugar

Emperor’s Love – something in this almost burns my nose… I can’t really pick out any one note… Cyn gets rose and woods, musk

Sun & Sand – a stronger and better version of Yankee’s … ozone, fresh, a bit musky… a bit greenery notes.. really soothing and warm

Strawberry Taffy – sweet and super sugary strawberries.. a bit artificial, but that is what taffy is all about!

Who’s That Lady – very sensual and warm scent… but feminine.  Def. get amber, black orchid, and dark woodsy notes

Mango Peach Salsa – yankee dupe… so much better as well.  Peach, strawberry with a hint of citrus….there may be a hint of spice but not spice in your face cinnamon or anything… just a hint of … what is that?  Hmm

Cinnaberry – This one is strange to our nose.. we  get cinnamon… and then after stopping sniff.. clean diaper/powdery scent…. Weird.

Pink & Lime – I get less lime than when we first got it, a couple months ago.  More sweetness from the Pink Sugar… not bad…. Cyn loves it!

Grape Soda – just like the name.. fizzy and all!  

Whew!  That is alot, lol.  Hope ya'll enjoyed reading our thoughts.  It may be awhile before I post another CBV review.  I am going to visit a friend in Missouri and we just got back from seeing NKOTBSB in concert in Dallas, so funds are in short supply.  I am hoping to type up a blog soon about the concert though.. we had a blast!  Hope there is another tour next year... *crossing fingers*!