Saturday, August 3, 2013

Alabama Slamma

The CBV scent that has been on the melter the past few days has been Alabama Slamma, which is from the Black Label line at Candles by Victoria.  These scents a more complex than most.  This one is described as having top notes of pumpkin and lemon, middle notes of champagne, grapes, nutmeg, and smoked cinnamon, and base notes of vanilla, tea leaves and hickory. 

The first thing I get on cold sniff is the hickory.  Very strong.  When melted, the pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon come out a bit more, however the hickory is still very prominent.  This is similar to Godfather, so if you like that, you would probably like this as well.  Godfather is almost too strong for me, and this one is just a bit stronger. As this has been on the melter longer, it has mellowed a bit and I like it much more than I did at first, but I don't think I would reorder or get it in a candle. 

It may be a week or so before I post again, since Cyn is out of town visiting her dad.  I can't try any new scents until she gets back, lol.  So, until then......don't forget to relax with wax!

CBV Sea Salt Caramels+White Chocolate Karibu & Rock That Vanilla+Sexy in Stilettos

Alright, these will be the last two Create-a-Scent tries for a while.  This order of scent shots was ordered to experiment with CASs and these were the last sets.  I do have a few more to try with some crumbs that I have, but I will do those later.  I am a bit burnt out with CASs. 

I don't have pictures right now because they are on my laptop, which Cynthia has while visiting her dad.  So, this will just be a written review with no pics... sorry about that.

First up, Sea Salt Caramels and White Chocolate Karibu. 
I believe I reviewed SSC in a previous posting (mixed w/ Fudge Brownie).  It is super rich and buttery!  So good. :)

White Chocolate Karibu is a Godiva dupe I believe, and has notes of cashews and white chocolate.  However, to my nose, I get more of a buttery popcorn smell with a drizzle of white chocolate.  Not bad at all, but not really what I was expecting.  

Mixed, the popcorn smells is diminished a bit but not totally.  It turns a little more creamy and rich.  

Last, but not least....Sexy in Stilettos and Rock that Vanilla.
Sexy in Stilettos is an amazing scent on its own!  It is a creation by Victoria for a youtuber and a wonderful lady.  It is super sexy, a bit fun and a bit sophisticated too.  I see this in my future as a body spray.  :)

Rock That Vanilla is a dupe of a company that shall not be named.  These can be found in the section called Candleman's Closet.  Most of these scents have a distinctive note to them.. like a clean soapy note.  I believe the only one that I don't get that from is Peace.  Anyway, this is a musky vanilla.  Many love this scent, but it is not a fav of mine or Cyn.

I mainly wanted to try this CAS because of the name given to it... Rockin' My Stilettos!  Such a cute name, huh?  This was not bad, but I do like SiS on it's own better.  The RTV seemed to mellow it out too much for me.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed all the CAS reviews I brought you way.  Mixing scents is a lot of fun!  Even though I am ready to get back to melting one scent at a time, it is a great way to try new things.  I found a few combos I want to order in candle form in the future.  Also, Victoria also came out with sliceable loafs that can be ordered in CAS form.  You just slice a piece off and put in a warmer.  She also offers soft whipped wax called "gelatos"  that can be ordered as CAS too.  

Talk to ya'll soon!