Sunday, May 19, 2013

Deep Mountain Maple, Macintosh Apple, and Cinnamon Donuts

Alright.. this set of scents took us a while to get through, but we did it!  It has been a CRAZY week, let me tell ya!  Sad thing is I think this coming week is gonna be just as cray cray... HELP!!! LOL. 

Ok, first up to review is Deep Mountain Maple....
This surprised me!  I was not really keen on it just on first sniff.. but warm it really lights up!  I am not a big maple fan but this one is really rich without being overly sweet.  I don't think I would get this in a candle but it would work great as a mixer to give that richness to any bakery scent.  :)

Now onto Macintosh Apple.  :)   
This is just a straight up red apple scent, really juicy, fresh and crisp!  So good!  When it comes to scents like this I have such a time not being tempted to mix it with something to make it more complex, lol.  It is a  great scent alone though!  :)

The last individual scent is Cinnamon Donuts...
OMG... I desperately need this baby in my life!  This isn't overly cinnamony... it has a nice balance of cinnamon, sugar and the doughy scent of donuts.  Candles by Victoria has a super duper yummy looking candle that has doughnuts all over it in this scent.  I totally see this on an order soon! 

Now onto the mixing!

Autumn in New Hampshire - This is a mix of Deep Mountain Maple and Macintosh Apple, created by Deb.  She was shocked that I remember that she had though it up, lol.  But I didn't remember the name.  Even though I like DMM and Mac Apple on their own alright, mixed really bumps each of them up to another level.  (see mention above about simple scents).  This is a nice scent but probably wouldn't order it in a candle.  Just too many other scents I like more. 

Warm Apple Fritters - This is a mix of Macintosh Apple and Cinnamon Donuts, was created by Ellie and is now a regular scent that can be ordered on CBV instead of getting it in a Create-a-Scent or getting scent shots or crumbs to mix it up yourself.  :)  What a great scent!  Smells just like an apple fritter ordered straight from the doughnut shop!  YUM! 

So, that is it folks!  I am so hoping I can get on here more often but I just don't know when that will happen.  Hang in there with me!

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