Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CBV Bath and Body Order Review

   This is my first "real" CBV Bath and Body review.  I did previously order the Love Potion No. 9 massage oil candle and soap from CBV directly and also won a Bath Time with Pooh soap from Melissa's Facebook page.  I threw those in on a CBV review I did a few months back.  On with the order!

Group Shot!

First up is Champagne Pomegranate.  I think this would be a big hit with kids and those that are kids at heart!  It is fruity and fizzy.
Champagne Pomegranate
  Cynthia really likes this one a lot.  I love this in wax form but not as much in soap form, however, I did like it more in use than just sniffing it. 

Up close to see the colorful shavings!

 Next is Shamrock Kiss.  This one is so cute!  Check out the cute red glittery lips on the top.  This is another fruity one but this has a bit of earthiness from the ivy and oakmoss notes.  A great unisex scent!
Shamrock Kiss
 This next beauty is in the scent Sexy in Stilettos.  This is a great scent.. A bit fruity, a bit sweet, a bit musky and perfume like.... just an overall yummy fragrance!  Love the pretty layers too!                                                              

Sexy in Stilettos
Look at the glitter on the top!

Sorry, this next picture is not the best out of the bunch.  Don't let it fool ya!  This is White Ginger..OMG!  Such a clean fresh scent.. perfect soap!  It reminds me of the Calgon Hawaiian Ginger body spray.
White Ginger

 This jewel is White Nectarine and Pink Coral.  I have to say this is favorite so far, although White Ginger and Shamrock Kiss are both close seconds.  Even if you don't like peachy scents, I think you would like this one.  It is a blend of peaches, pineapple, orange with floral notes of honeysuckle, rose and jasmine.  And I just had to take a close up of the shavings on top!

White Nectarine and Pink Coral
So pretty!


Shave Cream Sundae
 Last but certainly not least is the wonderful Shave Cream Sundae... in the scent of Kiwi Kicker.  This stuff is awesome!  It is super moisturizing.  Just scoop a bit of and lather it up in your hands.  And this scent is so juicy! 


Sorry about the spacing.. blogger is not cooperating with me tonight.  I have taken out all of the spaces that I can but it still shows spaces.  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed hearing about all these CBV Bath and Body goodies.  If you haven't seen all the wonderful soaps offered by Melissa, hop on over to http://www.cbvbathandbody.com

I haven't had a chance to write up Part 2 of my CAS posting and I don't know when I will get that up.  I also want to post a review of the lastest CBV order we got plus a video for that as well.   Hopefully soon.  Life as been super busy with my daughter graduating from 8th grade, inspections at work, and trying to get my 3rd semester of school finished before August.  Please know I haven't forgotten about ya'll!  Until next time, take care!