Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today's Melt: Whispering Winds

I love fall, but I sure don't love my sinuses acting up due to the change in the weather.  Ugh.  My nose is all stuffy so the scent I popped into the melter today is perfect.  Whispering Winds is described as a cucumber mint fragrance, with notes of cucumber, banana, clementine, cyclamen blossoms, African violets, Madonna lily, palm fronds, spearmint and peppermint. 
I can't really pick out any specific notes like cucumber, banana or any of the florals, but there is definitely more to this scent than just mint.  Not to say that the mint is not there, because it is, but it is almost sweetened and mellowed by the other notes.  This reminds me of Garden Mint and Sonny & Cher.  I have to say this is going to go into my favorites list! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

CBV Melt of the Day: Tangerine Mimosa

I just popped Tangerine Mimosa on the tart melter.  Ahhh!  This is a great blend of fizzy champagne and zesty tangerine. 
It is pretty similar to Orange Creme Soda to me, maybe a bit more sharp and less creamy though.  Cynthia says it is more juicy.  It is a great scent though.. awesome for summer.  I guess I am trying to hang onto summer just a bit longer with these recent scents, lol. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Still enjoying summer scents

Even though summer is on the way out and fall is showing its presence by the leavings changing to yellow and the crisp feeling in the air, I am still enjoying scents of summer.  I do like burning or melting scents that go with the season, but I am not one that must stick to that either. 

For the past few days, I have had Sun & Sand on my melter.  This is a dupe of the scent of the same name by Yankee.  It is pretty dead on and stronger than Yankee's scent, which is no surprise if you are familiar with CBV.  

The scent description includes ozone, white flowers, bergamot, orange blossoms, ylang ylang, muguet lily and a light musk base.  These notes blend beautifully.  On cold sniff, I can pick out ylang ylang, bergamot, a bit of musk and maybe the orange blossoms.  When this is melted, everything just comes together to make a great beach scent!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Got You Babe!

Can you guess what CBV scent is on my melter right now? If you guessed Sonny & Cher, you are right! 
This is described as having notes of verbena, peppermint, bamboo, warm vanilla sugar and vanilla bean.  This scent was inspired by Nick and Vanessa, long time fans of CBV.   This has to be one of my top CBV fragrances.  I get the peppermint but it is SO different than any other mint scent I have had.  Maybe it is the verbena and bamboo... I don't really know what those smell like.  There is sweetness from the vanilla notes.   It is refreshing and relaxing at the same time.  I highly recommend trying this one out!  This is probably going to be my next purchase in crumb melts, as I just love it so much. :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Need a Tropical Getaway?

The past few days have been really stressful, so I am definitely in need of a getaway of some kind!  Tonight I have CBV's Plumeria Passion in my melter.  This is a great tropical fragrance without having coconut or pineapple notes.  It is a really nice sweet floral.  I could see getting a candle in this, especially for spring/summer. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Do I Smell Bacon?

Umm... kinda, but more like beef jerky instead of maple bacon.  Today's melt is Maple Bacon from CBV.  I can see where you could get maple bacon from it, but to me it leans more toward jerky.. I get a lot of salty notes to this one. 
In the future, I am going to mix 1/4 of this with 1/4 to 1/2 of a coffee scent ( I think Frenchville Coffee is what I have) and 1/2 of Flapjacks to make a yummy breakfast scent.  I think I would be able to handle the Maple Bacon scent that way.  Straight.. it is WAY to strong and jerky-like. 

Tomorrow will definitely be scent switch!