Sunday, July 21, 2013

So far behind on CBV Create-A-Scent Reviews :(

I am so sorry that I left the few readers I have hangin'!  No excuses, but I have started working full time (Monday thru Friday and half day on Saturdays) plus finishing up at my other part time job that I am letting go August 1st, and studying for my finals for my last semester toward getting my AA.

On top of all of that, my daughter and I went to see NKOTB, Boys II Men, and 98 Degrees this past week.  Can you say AMAZING!!?  We had really great seats and had a great time!

Ok, so now, on to Candles By Victoria... I think I am just going to put these all in one huge posting.

First up... Fudge Brownie and Sea Salt Caramels.  :)

I have already reviewed Fudge Brownie on its own so I am not going to say much about it besides it is so GOOD!

Sea Salt Caramels is a really rich buttery scent.  It is actually pretty strong by itself and if you like buttery scents, you should try it.


 Put these two together and you create a pretty magical blend.  Smells just like those brownies have the swirl of caramel in them just pulled out of the oven.  HEAVENLY!

Next up... Pink Bubblegum Crush and Sweet Snow....

Pink Bubblegum Crush is a certain company dupe and is SUPER sweet, almost so much that it is toothache inducing.  The description suggests it is reminiscent of a blue bubblegum snow cone.  I get that.  However, this is just too sweet for me. 

  Sweet Snow is a vanilla and peppermint blend.  It has just the right amount of each.  I also have this in lotion form and it is lovely. 

When Sweet Snow is added to the PBC, it does cut the sweetness some and makes it more tolerable to my nose.  I don't think I would get this mix in a candle however.

Now onto Pink & Lime and Trix Are For Kids.......
Pink & Lime is a mix of pink sugar and lime... and OMG is it good!  I am usually not a fan of lime/lemon/citrus scents but this is fantastic.  The lime is not overpowering or "cleaner" like and the pink sugar notes just give it this sugary sexiness, lol.    My daughter has this in body spray but in my next order I am definitely getting a body spray, lotion, and soap in this scent.. possibly some bath bombs as well. 

Tris Are For Kids smells just like you are sticking your nose in the box of cereal for a sniff.  I have never liked these cereals, even as a kid, but this smells great.  It even has that smell of the sugary crystals in the bottom of the box!

The mixing of these two bumps up the citrus notes from the added lime and sweetens it up from the pink sugar.  It is a really nice mix!

Alright, the last group up for review is Pink Sugar/Sweet Snow and Pink Sugar/Salty Sea Air.....

Sweet Snow was mentioned above and I have reviewed Pink Sugar in a previous posting, so I will just go straight into the mix review.

When mixed, I feel the Sweet Snow overpowers the Pink Sugar just a tad, but it is still a great mix of sweet cotton candy like scents and peppermint.  Very unique!


Salty Sea Air includes cyclamen and waterlily as top notes, green seaweed and clover for the middle notes, and driftwood as the base.  This is a very airy ozone type scent, which tends to be too sharp for nose.  It is nice though.
 Mixed with PS, this is awesome! I would totally get this in a candle.  The PS softens that sharpens but still allows the freshness of the SSA to come through.  :)

I am hoping that it won't be so long before my next posting, but I can't promise anything.  By mid August I should be done with school and will only have ONE job to worry about.  I hope you enjoyed my run down on these scents.  :)  BTW, most if not all of these mixes were created by members of the CBV Addicts Unite page on Facebook.  Just want to give credit to those that came up with them! 

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