Thursday, May 2, 2013

Perk Me Up, I'm Feeling Blue

Sorry that it is has been a bit since I have posted.  Things have been crazy busy!  I am also done with my last semester toward getting my degree.. yay!  One more class to go!  On top of that and working two jobs, Cyn and I joined the community band so we have practice once a week and try to practice most every night as well.  So, that doesn't leave much time to be home and enjoy CBV, but we do when we can. 

The mix this week was named "Perk Me Up, I'm Feeling Blue" by a member of the CBV Pouring Pot message board.  The scents are Blueberry Cobbler and Coffee Bean.  First, a review of each one separately.                                           
This is such a delicious fragrance!  I have never been a big fan of blueberry scents because every time I try one, it seems so artificial smelling.  This is definitely different than all the other blueberry scents I have tried from other companies.  It is super rich smelling and hits it on the head, right down to the crusty cobbler notes!  It is also super strong.  When I melt, I usually keep my melter on for a few hours then shut it off, as it makes the scent last longer.  After it cools down, I turn it back on for a bit.  A half of this scent shot lasted on and off for 4 days!  

Now onto Coffee Bean....
Need a coffee fix?  Take a sniff!
Coffee Bean is a straight up coffee scent... no cream or sugar or extras... just strong black coffee, just how I like my coffee!  That is so funny because I really love the scent of all the flavored coffees and such, but just can't stomach to drink them, lol.  This is a really great coffee scent for those that want a coffee scent without all the added scents.  It is not my favorite coffee scent but I do like it quite a bit.  :)

Now..... for the magic!  These two mixed together are FREAKING AMAZING!  It smells like the party in your mouth would sure to taste like if you were eating a slice of oozing blueberry cobbler all warm and gooey and having a nice cup of joe along side it.  This is a must CAS for me whenever I order candles again!  

Until next time.... 


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