Thursday, May 23, 2013

Goldilocks and Coconut Cream Pie

I am back with a CAS review as well as the reviews of the individual scents, although I may have reviewed these scents before.  These are gonna be quick because I am exhausted!

Coconut Cream Pie smells like the real deal... I am not a huge fan of coconut scents but I do like this one.  It is creamy enough plus it has the flaky crust too.  I do like Banana Coconut Cream Pie a bit more though.

This is a L**H dupe, which doesn't mean much to me because I have never had anything from that company.  Goldilocks is described as a treat of oats, fruit, spice, woods, soft florals, and vanilla bean.  It is bit of everything!  I smell citrus, almost something fizzy, some oats, and sweetness.  It is such a unique scent!

Now... mixing these two didn't really change Goldilocks too much... I feel it overpowered Coconut Cream Pie too much.  The only thing the CCP added was a creaminess to Goldilocks.  I wouldn't call it a fail, just not order worthy for me. 

Hope to have another CAS review coming up by Sunday or Monday!

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