Saturday, August 3, 2013

CBV Sea Salt Caramels+White Chocolate Karibu & Rock That Vanilla+Sexy in Stilettos

Alright, these will be the last two Create-a-Scent tries for a while.  This order of scent shots was ordered to experiment with CASs and these were the last sets.  I do have a few more to try with some crumbs that I have, but I will do those later.  I am a bit burnt out with CASs. 

I don't have pictures right now because they are on my laptop, which Cynthia has while visiting her dad.  So, this will just be a written review with no pics... sorry about that.

First up, Sea Salt Caramels and White Chocolate Karibu. 
I believe I reviewed SSC in a previous posting (mixed w/ Fudge Brownie).  It is super rich and buttery!  So good. :)

White Chocolate Karibu is a Godiva dupe I believe, and has notes of cashews and white chocolate.  However, to my nose, I get more of a buttery popcorn smell with a drizzle of white chocolate.  Not bad at all, but not really what I was expecting.  

Mixed, the popcorn smells is diminished a bit but not totally.  It turns a little more creamy and rich.  

Last, but not least....Sexy in Stilettos and Rock that Vanilla.
Sexy in Stilettos is an amazing scent on its own!  It is a creation by Victoria for a youtuber and a wonderful lady.  It is super sexy, a bit fun and a bit sophisticated too.  I see this in my future as a body spray.  :)

Rock That Vanilla is a dupe of a company that shall not be named.  These can be found in the section called Candleman's Closet.  Most of these scents have a distinctive note to them.. like a clean soapy note.  I believe the only one that I don't get that from is Peace.  Anyway, this is a musky vanilla.  Many love this scent, but it is not a fav of mine or Cyn.

I mainly wanted to try this CAS because of the name given to it... Rockin' My Stilettos!  Such a cute name, huh?  This was not bad, but I do like SiS on it's own better.  The RTV seemed to mellow it out too much for me.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed all the CAS reviews I brought you way.  Mixing scents is a lot of fun!  Even though I am ready to get back to melting one scent at a time, it is a great way to try new things.  I found a few combos I want to order in candle form in the future.  Also, Victoria also came out with sliceable loafs that can be ordered in CAS form.  You just slice a piece off and put in a warmer.  She also offers soft whipped wax called "gelatos"  that can be ordered as CAS too.  

Talk to ya'll soon!

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