Saturday, July 7, 2012

Today's CBV Scent

Surprising, we finished up Lemon Peach Pound Cake Preserves by afternoon, so in goes another scent!  Next in line was Mango Smoothie.. I have been waiting impatiently to try this one!  Cynthia decided we should go thru our scent shots in alphabetical order, in purchase order of course, using the older orders first. 

Mango Smoothie is a pretty peachy coral color and is another one that is extremely juicy and fruity.  The notes in it are mango, papaya, lemon, and peach.  I don't get much lemon but the tartness is there. It really reminds me of my favorite fruity scent, Raspberry Guava.  I thought I might try mixing them together sometime but I don't have any RG right now.  :(  If I did mix them, I think I would call it Tropical Explosion.  Someone may have already mixed them together, I am not sure.  Nevertheless, I think I have found another fruity fav!


  1. I think I need to try that one. Yesterday I was burning pumpkin cider, it's really strong on cinnamon but I love cinnamon. The warm throw brings the pumpkin out more

    1. It lasted for a long while! I haven't tried pumpkin cider yet but it sounds like something I would like. :)