Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A new CBV post!

I know I haven't posted my "daily burn" in a while.  The main reason why is because I am in the process of painting the walls of my bedroom, which is where I do all my melting/burning of candles.  I was not planning on painting until next month, but one can of paint had an unfortunate accident and needed to be used quickly.  Instead of moving out the bed and the dresser, I am moving those pieces around.  This means I only am able to paint 2 walls at a time... wait for it to dry well, move stuff back... and do it all again.  I have gotten 2 walls done.  I took today to put things back in order.  Tomorrow I work and then Thursday I should be able to have the room painted.  Anyway, back to what I have been melting in my tart warmer.  For the past few days I have had a mixture of Lavender Vanilla and Sugared Spruce going.
Love how the colors look together!

They blended very well together and made quite a relaxing scent.  I have been bouncing names around for this CAS and the best one I came up with was Enchanted Pine.  I don't know if I truly like the name or not though, but the blend is awesome!

If I melt anything tomorrow, I won't be until I get home from work.  At work, I smell Tokyo Spring all day from the CBV reed diffuser.. amazing!  Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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