Thursday, July 5, 2012

Daily Burn for July 5th

This evening I popped in Lemon Peach Pound Cake Preserves... oh man.. this is SO freaking good!  This is a mix of lemon pound cake, peach preserves and country cornbread.  You can also get just the peach preserves and cornbread in Cajun Cornbread.. amazing too!  When I first got this scent shot, I mainly got the lemon pound cake.  I have had it for a few months and now I get the peach and cornbread notes and a lot less of the lemon.  The straight lemon pound cake scent is one of the few lemon scents that don't make me think of cleaning products.  I know.. I am weird.   I am really enjoying this one and would consider a candle in it. I have a feeling this one is going to last a few days on my melter, because it is pretty strong right now.  So, until next time...

Have fun with your wax!

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