Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily Burn 7/10

I has been a few days since my last "burn"... that Mango Smoothie lasted FOREVER!  It wasn't as strong of a scent as I was expecting but my oh my did it last! 

It will be a few weeks until I get to try out some scents I haven't tried because Cynthia is visiting her dad for a few weeks.  Until then, I am going to be melting my crumbs, which I have 4 different kinds.. plus mixing them together a bit.  If we have some cool, rainy days I might actually light a candle here and there. 

I decided to start of today with Peace... one of my favorites, which is why I have it in crumbs.  This scent is so complex.  It is musky and a bit earthy, but not in the usual way, not like a man's cologne or a woody scent like Jacob Black, if you have smelled that one.  It has lemon and orange notes as well as floral notes.  But, I can't really pick those out individually.  This is one of my go to scents when I am feeling stressed.  It just makes me take a big deep inhale and go "AHHHHH".


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