Friday, July 20, 2012

Need some relaxation!

Today has been an emotional day all around.  Things said by a family member really got under my skin last night.  Today I had to deal with someone feeling that when someone else does something a different way, it is wrong.  Guess what?! Just because it is not done YOUR way, that doesn't make it the only way to do something.  On top of all of that, school and work stress hit me last night as well.  Then, to find out this morning about the shooting in Aurora.... ugh.... tonight definitely calls for a glass of wine and some Lavender Vanilla from CBV in my melter. 

This is my go-to scent for relaxation and I know there are many others that love this as well.  I still haven't tried the straight Lavender scent yet.. I have been afraid it might be too lavender/medicinal.  Anyone tried it?

Tonight, my thoughts go out to those injured during the shooting and the families that have lost loved ones. A family member of a HS friend of mine was shot in the head but is still alive.  It is unimaginable that someone could do this.  :(


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