Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rainbows and CBV!

 Over the past few weeks we have been fortunate to get some rain showers and thunderstorms.  I have been able to catch a few beautiful rainbows. 
Isn't that just gorgeous?!


 It is that time again!  Tonight I put a mix of Peace and Vanilla Bean Noel crumbs on my melter. 

The colors in the picture are not accurate because my lamp puts a pinky/orange cast on things when I take photos.  Peace is yellow and VBN is white.  As you know, Peace is one of my favorite scents and the VBN mellows it out... a bit too much for me.  Others might like peace mellowed out a bit though.  I think VBN is a great mixer scent that can add a creaminess and mellowness to any scent.  That is really what I purposed the crumbs of this for.. to mix.  It is a great scent on its own, don't get me wrong.  I just like really strong scents and it is probably more of a medium scent. 

Off the subject, but for some reason,no matter how I lay things out while I am composing a post, things are not lined up that way when I actually publish.  Frustrating!  Oh well, hope you all have a wonderful night!

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