Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CBV Bingo Giveaway

I know this post is late and I am so sorry about that.  It seems my whole life is running a bit behind right now, lol. 

Back in May, Beth from The Pouring Pot message board generously offered all members who participated in May Bingo the chance to win a 16 oz candle and soap in Love Birds, a creation by Tina and Kayla, which is now part of the regular CBV line.  Not only did I win a round of bingo I also won the random drawing for this awesome gift!  
Card, soap saver, soap, candle, and notepad
Beth also threw in a few extra goodies.. what a
 sweetheart!  There is a notepad with a pen, a soap saver (purple too, my favorite color, lol) and a beautifully handwritten card.  I am so jealous of your handwriting!  :)  Love Birds is a mix of Lovespell and Birds of Paradise.  Lovespell is a really crisp fruity fragrance with citrus and musky notes while Birds of Paradise smells like berries and cream.  These two blend so well!  I love the soap with the gorgeous marbled heart in the middle and the glitter!  

If you don't participate in CBV Bingo, you should!  You can find more information at http://cbvictoria.proboards.com/ under the Candle Bingo thread. 

Thank you so much Beth!  You did not have to do this and your generosity is unmatched! 

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