Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Black Velvet

Tonight I have Black Velvet in my melter.  I love the name, but this is not one of my favorites.  The main reason for that is that this does have patchouli in it, which my nose does not like.  If a scent is too heavy on it, I get a massive headache.  This one does not go that far, but I can tell there is patchouli in it. 
The scent description also mentions sandalwood and ylang ylang, along with baby powder and vanilla.  With the earthiness of the patchouli I also get the sandalwood.  The other note that hits me is the baby powder.  As it warms, I get more of that powdery note.  I am sure there are many that like this type of scent but because of the patchouli, it is not really my cup of tea. 

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