Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Today's Burn/Melt: Margarita Lime

This evening, we popped on Margarita Lime, which is described on the site as fresh lime with hints of lemon rind and fresh greenery.

I like this one better warm than cold, but it still not a favorite of mine.  When it first started warming up and melting, it reminded me of lemon Pledge spray... a pretty normal occurrence for my nose when it comes to lemon/lime scents.  It has been on the melter for about an hour and now it smells a bit more fresh and tart.  I get a hint of fresh greenery notes.. nothing I can really pick out but the scent seems more than just lime and lemon.  If you like other CBV lemon and lime scents, you will like this one.  You know... it is pretty similar to a mix of lime and lemon skittles!  I just thought of that while I was sniffing the air, lol.
Have a good night!

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