Monday, January 14, 2013

Maple Pecan Streusel

Today's CBV pick of the day was Maple Pecan Streusel.  YUM!  The scent description says "a sweet and sugary blend of maple and pecan capped off with homemade streusel.  This scent will make you drool!"  and it sure does, at least on cold sniff for me.
This is a pretty sweet scent, without the maple being completely overwhelming.  What is interesting, is I think I like it better cold.  Maybe in candle form I would like it more as well.  It isn't too strong, but it seems like the wax is getting too hot or something.. I get a little bit of a burnt note.... I don't know.. could be the pecans coming through.  I would like to try this in a 4 oz just to see how the candle differs from the scent shot.  Burning a candle gives you a "mellower" scent throw, instead of the "Pow" in your face that melting does.  :)

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