Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Scents - White Christmas and Star of Bethlehem

Sorry that it has been a while since I shared my CBV addiction with you.  Between work, school, and house/pet sitting, I have not been home much at all.  I hope you all had a amazing holiday and are excited about 2013... I know I am!

Over the Christmas holiday (Christmas Eve and Day) as well as New Year's Eve, I melted White Christmas and Star of Bethlehem.

White Christmas is described as white florals with pine.  Jason (charmedleo) has described it was the winter version of White Ginger, which I totally agree with.  The pine is really strong and there is a kinda spicy floral note, if that makes sense.  This sucker is STRONG!  I always melt in my bedroom, however, this one was too strong for that and had to be moved to the open living room area.  It was perfect in that large of a space.  This scent is a totally different type of Christmas scent, one that I really enjoy.  In candle form, I think it would be fine for my small bedroom, but melting is just too overpowering for such a small space.  I would like to try mixing this will Vanilla Bean Noel to soften it just a bit or even Sugared Spruce to sweeten the pine. 

I received Star of Bethlehem from my CBV Pouring Pot Secret Santa, Jandre.  This is one that I have never tried and has now become one of my favorite holiday scents.  Thank you girl!  The scent description includes frankincense, orange, clove and cinnamon.  That being said, on warm throw, this is not an overly spicy scent.  I get mainly orange and clove, but the earthiness of the frankincense comes out to mellow it a bit.  I get a little bit of bakery like cinnamon but not a whole lot.  I really like this scent and I am so thankful that Jandre shared this scent with me.  :)

I think later today I might put on the other scent Jandre gave me, which is Orange and Clove.  :)

Before I sign off, I thought I would share our tree with you as well as a few images I captured of the snow crystals.  It was so cool to be able to see all the different shapes and designs of the snowflakes!  The camera wasn't able to capture it as my eyes saw it, but the images still turned out pretty cool looking!

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