Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Orange Clove

Hey everyone!  It has been crazy busy here and I don't see it slowing down any time soon.  When I have been home, which has been here and there, we have had Orange Clove going.  This scent shot I got from my CBV Pouring Pot Secret Santa, Jandre.  This girl has an amazing nose! 

As per the name, this scent is a mixture of orange and clove.  I was afraid that the clove would be too overpowering, but surprisingly it wasn't.  This is another of the few orange scents that do not remind me of cleaner... anything with spices in it usually takes that away for me.  I really, really like this one, especially for a holiday scent.  Thank you Jandre!  :) 

It is really funny how the past few years of Secret Santa's have went.  Last year, I gifted to Jandre, this year she got me!  And the picks were done by Elfster.com so it was just kismet! If my memory serves me correct, which is not that reliable so don't quote me, my match was the same way the 2 years before as well!  Funny and cool huh?  :)

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