Monday, November 5, 2012

Cherry Blossom or Japanese Cherry Blossom?

Sorry it has been a few days!  I did house/pet sit for a friend over the weekend.  When I got home, we finished up Champagne Pomegranate and last night, lit up the Black Label in Godfather.  I think I have posted a picture before, but I did take a few last night.  I just haven't uploaded them off my camera as of yet. 

Earlier today, I had my huge Cube candle of Love Shack going.  I meant to take a few pictures but was so busy with my project for Cost Accounting, that I totally forgot.  The cube candles are gorgeous though!  If you want to see what they look like, check out this link: This sucker is over 2 lbs of wax... and now you can get this jar shape and size with glitter too!  So pretty!

This evening we popped in the next scent we have lined up.... which was Cherry Blossom.  I believe this is Japanese Cherry Blossom as CBV doesn't list a plain Cherry Blossom scent. 

This is a B&BW dupe... Japanese cherry blossoms, vanilla rice, oriental woods, and mimosa petals.  My mom loves this lotion and I don't think it is an exact dupe but it is nice.  The B&BW scent is more powdery.  This is a "clean" floral to my nose.... I do get a bit of the woods notes along with the floral notes.  It is nice, but I wouldn't say a dupe. 

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