Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finger Lickin Good

Last night, the CBV scent that was up next in our line up was Finger Lickin Good.  This is a L*sh dupe, but I must say I have never used or smelled any of their products so I don't know what they are supposed to smell like.  Out of that category, called Candleman's Closet, on CBV, the only ones I have tried and like are Peace and Bath Time with Pooh. 
The scent description for this mentions orange, clove, strawberry, honey, and woody undertones.  Unfortunately, all I get is honey.  This reminds me of the scent shot I had of Honeybee with less floral notes.  I don't smell any orange or clove, or even sweetness from the strawberry.  This one didn't even get to a full melt before I had to shut it off.  :(  Can't love them all I guess!   If you are a fan of what is this is duping, you might enjoy this. 

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