Monday, November 26, 2012

Fresh Cut Grass

Sorry that it has been so long since my last post... life has been super busy the past few weeks.  Let me just say that I am happy that Thanksgiving is over and life can get back to normal.. at least for a few weeks. 

So, the CBV scent I have going in the melter is Fresh Cut Grass.  The description just says that nothing is sweeter than the smell of fresh cut grass. 
To my nose, this is much more pungent than what I would think fresh cut grass would smell like.  It doesn't have much of a sweet tone to it.  It is reminiscent of grass but I don't think dead on, while Cynthia thought it was pretty close, with a bit more dirt smell.  I would love to mix this with something earthier like Jacob Black or Sharing a Sleeping Bag. 

I will have a treat coming up shortly.... a huge haul and review of my most recent CBV order!  It consists of 9 candles, a refresher oil, 26 scent shots, 2 black label scent shots, 7 lotions, a bath bomb sundae, 5 bath salts, 3 mousse soaps, and 5 bar soaps.  So excited for this order...which should be here tomorrow.  We plan on doing a video as well as a written review.  I think it is my largest to date!!!

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