Saturday, November 10, 2012

Today's CBV scent... Endless Love

Endless Love is a dupe of the Victoria's Secret fragrance, which I don't think I have ever smelled.  But if it smells like this, I might have to check it out!  The description of this is a delicate marriage of citrus and sage mingling with apple, melon, and ylang ylang.  It also has undertones of mossy woods and vanilla musk. 
I think this smells like a nice fruity scented shampoo.  I am not a big fan of melon scents, but I don't really get any stand out melon in this.  I do get a bit of the same sage note that is in Mango Sage Tea, a fresh apple note, and a bit of green and musk notes.  I hope in the future Melissa puts this scent into soap form.  I think it would be lovely! 

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