Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Candles by Victoria order.. Wax Edition!

I was so excited to get this order and it did not disappoint!  Thanks so much to the CBV crew for filling this amazing order!  Love ya'll!  
Ok, I know ya'll really want to get to the goods, so here we go!
Special Candles:

Maple Butter Pumpkin Frap - 20.00 – I just love how this looks!  On cold sniff, it smells just like fall spices and pumpkin pie.   It is not overly coffee scented.  We  am so glad that I order this baby!
Pumpkin Gingerbread Splash - 16.75 – This is just too adorable!  The top scent in this one is Spiced Pumpkin Chutney, which smells like pumpkin and spices.  This is another great fall candle… I just hate to see the little guy melting! 

S'more Galore -20.00 – How yummy does this look?!   We don’t get a lot of scent yet, but I have heard this one needs a bit of cure time, plus the top is all Marshmallow Campfire so that is a pretty light scent.  But, come on!  We wanna grab a spoon and dig in!

8 oz Candles – No Frills Sampler Pack of 6 for 43.50

Raspberry Guava – an all time favorite of mine, very fruity and juicy.. must try if you like fruity scents!
Sonny & Cher-  such a great minty scent without being overpowering, the peppermint is sweetened by vanilla notes, bamboo and verbena. 
Eskimo Kisses – spearmint sweetened by vanilla bean noel, so fresh and cooling
Cafe' Au Lait – rich coffee sweetened with a bit of vanilla
Lemon Gingersnap Pie-  smells like lemon pound cake with the kick of ginger snap cookies!
Neptune's Oasis -  a very clean scent that does not have that “bite” like some salty sea scents.. that note is there but is softened by florals 
*Also pictured is Refresher Oil – ½ oz for 7.50

Tomahawk Memories  - I knew I would love this scent has some of my favorite scents in it… Sugared Spruce, Autumn Leaves and Peace.  But I loved it even more than I imagined I would when I smelled it!  Thank you Deb for creating and inspiring this scent!  We picked this scent to refresh our car air freshener that is hanging on the rearview mirror.  Just drop a bit on the worn out one and Voila! 
Scent Shots – 2.00 for regular scents, 3.25 for Black Label scents

 Faerie Ring – mix of Raspberry Violet and Apples & Oaks; very well balanced with easily detectable notes; sweet raspberries, juicy apples, delicate violets, and woody oak. LOVE!
 Mango Sorbett -  Now I get what the rave is about concerning this scent!  Juicy and refreshing… with a bit of tartness in the background from the lemon and raspberry.
Sugared Corn Pudding -  This one is different… cold it smells like butter with sugar/caramel on it. It seems like you could gain weight just sniffing this!  I am curious how this is going to smell warmed. 
Honey Vanilla Love Dust  - Oh my!  Smells like milk chocolate with just a drizzle of honey… to die for! 
Granny's Pie Crust – smells like a homemade pie crust fresh out of the oven; I do think this one is one that needs to be warmed to be fully appreciated. 
 A Hunk, A Hunk of Burning Nuts – mix of Elvis and Caramelized Pralines; Cynthia likes this more Elvis.  It is like a richer version of Elvis… yum!
Because Of You – very complex!  Our noses pick up the floral and musk notes more than the fruity notes
Sugar Kisses – mix of Raspberry Guava and Cotton Candy; so freaking good!  The Cotton Candy adds a sweetness but isn’t so sweet it gives you a “toothache”.  Great blend!
What Goes Around Comes Around – Dragon’s Blood and patchouli; musky but feminine; a bit like incense; We like it, just have to see if the amount of patchouli in it gives me a headache
Melsea – combination of Blushing Peaches and Me Tarzan You Jane; named after Chelsea and Melissa, Victoria’s daughters;  unique blending that is shockingly incredible!  The earthiness of the fig with the freshness of peaches, strawberries and vanilla.   
Breaking Dawn – a bit of Bella, Edward and Jacob’s characters; tough, floral and sexy all at the same time!  Notes that our noses pick up are musk, oranges, lime, violet petals, ginger, and a bit of woodsy undertones.  It reminds me a bit of orange scented Pledge, but in a nice way.. I don’t mind it at all!
Pumpkin Chocolate – creamy pumpkin with milk, white and dark chocolate; We are on the fence on this one…. it has a sour note that we are not digging right now.  I hope with a bit of cure time and warmed up , it will become amazing!
 You & I – another complex one!  Green tomato leaf , citrus notes, and a hint of floral and woods.  I have found that I am not a big fan of scents with “sharp” notes in them like the green tomato leaf, but Cyn is really enjoying this scent. 
Banana Brown Sugar Drizzle – bananas and brown sugar, with a hint of crème brulee;  When we first opened the box,  this reminded me of banana nut bread, not so much now.  More just like the description says.
Banana Walnut – This does smell like warm banana bread!  AMAZING!
Bayberry – woodsy with touch of eucalyptus; This is ok… not a favorite.  Just doesn’t blend right for our noses, a bit medicinal to Cyn
Let It Snow – eucalyptus, cinnamon and peppermint; The first thing that hits is the peppermint, followed by a hint of eucalyptus in the background.  I like this more than Cynthia. 
White Christmas – Thank you Jason for reviewing this one!  This is white florals and Christmas tree… so very different and unique.  A must try for a different holiday fragrance!  No spices in this one. 
Christmas Memories – Sugared spruce, spiced oranges, and cranberry;  Spiced oranges hits the nose first, followed by a tartness and a background of sugary pine.
Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread – Well rounded scent with each component given its moment to shine!  Not overly spicy so those that don’t like spicy scents, this might be one to try.  Even has a doughy note!
Bergamot and Herbal Mint – I got this one because I heard that it was close to a scent that BBW used to carry called Tranquil Mint.  I must say that it is pretty close… I might add a bit of VBN to mellow it just a touch.  It is a very nice mint with hints of citrus and cucumber.
Berry Blackberry Cobbler – I can’t find this description of this one, but it does have that cobbler note that Vic’s cobbler scents are known for, as well as the notes of blackberries and possibly blueberries.  Very nice!
Bonfire Bliss – very complex and intriguing!  It is a bit too strong with the wood notes for Cynthia, but I adore it.  Along with notes of charred pine and cedar, this scent has notes of dried leaves, sandalwood, marshmallows, and coconut.   I think Cynthia would like it more mixed with a bit of Marshmallow Campfire scent. 
Barefoot In Blue Jeans – combo of Sexy in Stilettos and Blue Sugar Cotton Candy… this is an awesome blend of the two sexes.  Sweet and sassy, plus tough and rugged. 
Captain Crunch Berries – just like the cereal!  My favorite of the cereal dupes, while Cyn’s favorite is Fruit Loops.  I love the berries out of the cereal, but not the plain corn cereal.  Yum!
Leaves Type – an autumn scent that brings you right back to fall!  Dried apple peel with a dash of spices.  The description includes maple, but my nose doesn’t pick that up.  Cyn gets the maple a little.  Nice!
Sunflower Fields – free scent shot with order ; Sunflower, gardenia and baby powder; Cynthia loves florals like this…. A bright happy scent with powdery notes. 
Black Label - Salty Dog – Everyone says that this smells like Juicy Fruit gum with a bit of spice… and they are dead on!  So freaking cray-cray!  The descriptions boasts apple, citrus, spice and pumpkin notes.. I just know it smells like Juicy Fruit!  J
Black Label - Singapore Sling – super complex with many notes.. from citrus to poppy seed muffins, vanilla cake, and musk.  It is very similar to a lemon poppy seed muffin with icing on top of it… so delish!  This will be a full size Black Label purchase in the future I am sure!

Whew!  That was massive!  This was my largest order to date... and unless I reorder a few lotions and bath salts, I don't see another order in my future for quite some time.  This should last a while though, don't you think?  

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