Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Candles by Victoria Bath and Body Order!

Are you ready!? 

Here is the run down on my huge November order from CBV!  I broke this down into two posts... one for bath and body stuff and one for wax.  So, without further are the bath and body items created from the wonderful Melissa!

Bath Bomb Sundae, Eucalyptus Spearmint - 10.00
                This sucker is smells amazing!  It is huge and cute to boot!  You can definitely tell that the mint in this is spearmint but the eucalyptus gives a bit of an earthy note.  We ordered this to use as a foot soak, but I could see this being wonderful in a bath!  
Fizzy Bubble Bath Salts – 7.25 for an 8 oz.  also available in 16 oz sizes
Raspberry Guava – such a juicy and fruity scent… a favorite scent of mine!
Sea Salt & Lotus Blossom  - nice floral with clean notes, calming
 Vanilla Bean Noel  - a yummy sweet marshmallow type scent
Bath Time With Pooh – clean without being overly clean, not overly sweet either
Sweet Snow  - a mix of vanilla and peppermint, will be great to use when you are stuffy and sick or if you have sore muscles
I have tried the Sea Salt & Lotus Blossom and even though I  would love longer lasting bubbles, my bath was enjoyable none the less.  The water was a gorgeous blue color.. I should have taken a picture!  The bubble issue may be from us having well water.   I know that the mineral content and such can effect that.   These have excellent moisturizing properties!

Lotions – 8 oz for 8.50
Champagne Pomegranate – a mix of Fizzy Pop and Pomegranate, another awesome fizzy scent
Eucalyptus Spearmint –smells just like the bath bomb, can’t wait to use this on my feet, especially in the summer because you get a cool feeling after putting the lotion on
Lemon Meringue – Cynthia loves lemon scented lotions so this is right up her alley!  Smells like a creamy sweet lemon.
Raspberry Guava – Just had to have this scent in lotion! 
 Sweet Snow – minty and sweet!
Sea Salt & Lotus Blossom – clean and fresh
White Nectarine & Pink Coral – interesting blend of peach, pineapple, orange, honeysuckle, rose, jasmine, and musk.  Not much musk, more fruity and floral. AMAZING in lotion!
These lotions are great!  Love the labels too!  If you have tried BBW lotions, the consistency is pretty similar.  However, I feel these have much longer lasting scent, especially paired with the bath salts, which is how I have tried it so far.  I took a bath last night and when I woke up the next morning, I still had the Sea Salt & Lotus Blossom scent clinging to me and my clothes.  LOVE!  I have very dry skin and these made my skin feel very soft and moisturized.  There was no greasiness at all.  Cynthia loves them because the lotion sinks in quickly but still does a great job at adding moisture.  She hates feeling  “sticky” or greasy after using lotion.  

 Soaps – range in price
Lemon Meringue Soap - 7.00 – Love the whipped topping  and the cute lemon on the top!  Smells just like lemon meringue!
Mango Smoothie Soap  -  7.00- Smells freaking amazing!  So juicy! 
Caramelized Pralines Soap  - 7.00- It has been so long since I have smelled this scent, that I was a little wary of ordering it, afraid of a popcorn smell.  I am so glad I ordered it!  A yummy “sticky smelling” scent with just enough nuttiness to round it off!  And look at the cute pecan on the top!
Eskimo Kisses Soap : - 6.50- Cynthia used this one already and loves it!  As you can see, she loves the cute green lips on the top, lol!
Berry Me Alive Soap - 6.50- This scent as a soap is just a bit different than the scent you get in wax form, as the cherry scent is not skin safe.  Melissa subbed it with Cotton Candy, which is so yummy in this!  I might need to try a CAS with this scent and Cotton Candy.  I really like the look of this soap as well!  The soaps are very moisturizing.  Even though I have had a few that have not meshed with my personal body chemistry, that does not deter me in finding the ones that work for me.  I love them that much!

 Mousse Soap Desserts - 6.50
Raspberry Guava – are you really surprised to see this scent?

Lemon Pound Cake -  Cynthia wanted something to blend with her Lemon Meringue soap…. I like this more than the meringue scent… a bit more bakery depth. 

Blackberry – I didn’t know what to expect with this scent because I don’t believe CBV has a straight blackberry scent.  However, I have tried Blackberry Amber and really liked it and I like this scent as well.  

These are super cute with the glitter and adornments!  They also later EXTREMELY well with just a bit of the mousse.  Just a little dab on a pouf and there ya go!

Well, you ready to place your own CBV bath and body order yet?!  LOL.  Hope you enjoyed the pics and descriptions... I will update as I use things!  Next up is the wax!

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