Monday, August 13, 2012

What's on my melter today?

Sorry that it has been a few days.... Cajun Cornbread lasted a long while and I was housesitting one night, so I was not home.  Today, I popped CBV's Cinnaberry in my melter.  This one is ok to me. 
The reason being is that there is a strange smell my nose picks up from it... not bad.. just out of place.  This scent is a blend of cinnamon and cranberry.  I get the cinnamon right off... but behind that.... a scent that smells like someone just opened a new package of Pampers in the room.  I know.... weird right?  I have heard many people talk about this scent being a great blend of cinnamon and berries, but I just don't get it.  As far as I know, my daughter and I are the only ones with weird noses with this scent.  *shrugs*  It is not a bad scent at all.  It is like a clean cinnamon... I could see this is in a bathroom. 

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