Monday, August 6, 2012

Melting a Fall Scent Today

It is a bit cloudy and gloomy today, so it is a great day to pop a fall scent into my melter!  This happens to be one of my favorite fall scents.... I give you Why I Autumn!
The color on this one is actually a bright yellow... just ignore the color on the pic.  The notes of this one are lemon, apple, anise, cinnamon, ginger, woods, musk and vanilla.  I get the woods and the peppery notes from the ginger and anise.  I get lemon, but not like lemon in bakery scents... just a nice citrus note.  I am so in love with the scent.... I have got to try the new CAS that was added to the permanent line that has this and Leaves Type.  Another one I think this would mix well with is the Leaves scent, which is different than Leaves Type.  Leaves Type is a spicy scent whereas Leaves smells like damp fall leaves on the ground.  I have Leaves, so I will update when I do end of mixing them. 

Until next time.... enjoy your wax!

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