Sunday, March 24, 2013

Specialty CBV Candles

The past two days, we decided to light two of our specialty candles from Candles by Victoria.  It is so hard to start lighting these up... they are beautiful works of art and so darn cute!

First up, we have Smores Galore.  The bottom is a Chocolate layer, topped with Graham Cracker Crust crumb wax and chocolate bars, a layer of whipped Marshmallow Campfire scent, and topped with more Graham Cracker crumbs and chocolate chucks.  YUM!

This candle burns great and smells awesome!  It is not the strongest scent right now, but I am excited to get down to the chocolate layer so the scents blend.  I have had it for about 4 to 5 months, and the scent has gotten stronger since I got it. 

I didn't have any spillover with the candle but I did place it on a candle plate just in case.  If you get any spillover, it is great to put into a melter. 
I would definitely get this candle again... it is a very cozy and warm scent!

The candle we light up today was out of the Comfort Candle line, and it was Pumpkin Gingerbread Splash. 
How cute is this baby!?
The bottom layer of this candle is in Buttery Gingerbread, which I have had before by itself and really liked it.  Then there is a layer of Maple scented crumbs, followed by the top layer of whipped Spiced Pumpkin Chutney, a great fall scent.  The candle is topped with wax pumpkin imbeds and a smiling gingerbread man.  It is then sprinkled with real cinnamon, maple crumbs, and gold "butter" flakes.  Love it!
I did save the gingerbread man for the time being and will melt him in my warmer later.  He sure looks happy to see another day! 

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