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CBV Create a Scent Order Part 1

I placed this order with my $50 gift certificate that I won from the Blogging For CBV contest.  I was so shocked that I won!  All you basically have to do is do a blog concerning Candles by Victoria for a chance to win.  More info can be found at The Pouring Pot  .

Cyn and I had a video review of this order done but we were not happy with how it turned out with my new camera (still learning all the ins and outs of it) so we are going to try to redo it in the near future.  Until then, I wanted to get the written review up.

If you have been looking around on the CBV message board, The Pouring Pot, or the CBV Addicts Unite FB page, you have definitely seen the Create-a-Scent craze that has taken over!  If you have no clue what I am talking about, let me explain real quick.

CBV has the option for you to mix 2 scents from the massive scent listing to make a custom candle.. you can even pick the wax color and give your creation a name completely your own!  The choices for CAS candles are either a 16 oz jar for $12.75 or the 22 oz tureen with or without glitter for $18.50.  If you are not the daring type and can't bring yourself to order a candle not sure of how it will come up, don't fear!  I find the easiest way to test CASs out are by ordering scent shots (2 oz little cups of wax, no wick) to melt together in a tart melter.  I just cut them up into quarters and use a quarter of each.

My most recent order consisted of mostly scent shots to try out some of the CAS ideas, all of which came from the minds of others.  I am going to try my best to give the proper credit, but please forgive me if I leave a few out. 

 I did order two jars of crumbs, one in Peace and the other in Vanilla Bean Noel.  Peace is one of my favorite scents.... it is really hard to describe... kinda cologne like, musky, with citrus notes in the background.  It is a really warm comforting scent.  Vanilla Bean Noel is a Bath and Body Works dupe and is dead on when melting.  On cold sniff, it is has a bit more bite to it than the lotion ,but that smooths out when melting.  It is such a nice warm vanilla with marshmallow and caramel tones.  So yummy!  These do make an appearance in my CASs below.  These reviews are based on cold sniff only.  I will try to remember to post a short blog for each one as I actually melt them. 

Macintosh Apple + Cinnamon Donuts = Warm Apple Fritters 
This  mix was created by Ellie and is has now been added to the line up of scents Victoria offers, so it can be ordered as WAF now instead of getting two scents.  :)  These smell amazing together!  The Mac. apple is so fresh smelling and the cinnamon donuts seems to be a perfect blend of cinnamon goodness and the doughy scent.

Macintosh Apple + Deep Mountain Maple = Autumn in New Hampshire
This was created by Deb.  I am finding I am not a maple fan.  DMM is a fairly strong scent, I can't really say exactly what it smells like.  I was expecting the scent of opening up a bottle of maple syrup, but maybe I am too spoiled with the artificial kind, lol.  I think it will blend well with the Mac. Apple though. 

Spearmint + Vanilla Bean Noel = Eskimo Kisses
This one was created by Deb as well and is also a permanent addition to the CBV scent list!   My daughter Cynthia loves Spearmint, which smells just like the gum.  The addition of VBN is going to give it a great sweetness that just might make me enjoy the spearmint much more.  I love that flavor in my gum, but I am just not too keen having my home smell like it.  I could see Cyn wanting a candle in this though!

Sugared Spruce + Winter Snowflake/*Sweet Snow = Frostbite
Awbrey came up with this and I am going to absolutely love it!  We also ordered Sweet Snow for another mix and I think it could work just as well. Winter Snowflake is peppermint and pine, blended just right.  Sweet Snow is a blend of vanilla and peppermint.  I have a jar of crumbs is Sugared Spruce, which is another favorite of mine.  It is the perfect pine scent without being too much pine.  There is such a sweetness to it and I also get a little citrus in the background.  Mixing these makes me think of walking in the pine trees piled with snow.

Peach Preserves + Country Berry Hotcakes = ???
Ok... this is a take Peach Preserves + Wildberry Scone = Bed & Breakfast that was created by Deb.  I am not a huge fan of Wildberry Scone, but I love Country Berry Hotcakes, so I subbed it in.  I have never tried Peach Preserves and I can't believe I have waited so long!  It is amazing on it own.  I just want to get a spoon.. seriously!  Country Berry Hotcakes smells like yummy berry jam poured warm over pancakes.  Mixing these is going to take those hotcakes to a whole 'nother level!  I have no idea what to call it though.

Apple Cobbler + Pumpkin Eggnog = Home for the Holidays
Another Deb creation!  Apple Cobbler is a pretty good scent on it own as well.  I get apples, the cobbler note that is present in all of CBV cobbler scents and just a hint of spice.. not much at all.  Pumpkin Eggnog smells so good!  I get pumpkin and spices, plus the creaminess of the eggnog.  I have never been an eggnog fan in real life, but this is AMAZING!  I could totally envision the scent of these two being the scents in the air during the holidays.  Can't wait to try this one!

Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte + Caramel Cream Eggnog = Christmas Cafe
This one was created by Jandre.  Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte is one of my favorite coffee scents.  It is a great blend of coffee and the spices of the gingerbread.  Caramel Cream Eggnog is a creamy fragrance but I don't really get much caramel on the cold sniff.  It may need more curing time.  I think the CCE will bring a creaminess to the CGL.  I can see how this would be reminiscent of a coffee shop at Christmas time.

Shamrock Kiss + Fizzy Pop = Luck of the Irish
 Ryan Marie came up with this and I can't wait to try it!  The name is so cute!  Shamrock Kiss falls into my favorites and smells really clean and fresh.  To me, it is a very unisex scent.  It has enough fruity notes to be a bit feminine but it also has green notes to add the masculine touch.  Fizzy Pop is just like Sprite, including the fizz.  I think it could be mixed with just about anything!

I have about 7 or 8 more CASs to go thru but I don't want this to become a novel, lol, so I will post Part 2 later tonight or tomorrow. 

Tomorrow NKOTBSB are having a webcast of their concert in London and we are both excited to relive our concert this past summer!  I will probably be on a "concert high" so I should be able to get the rest posted!  Until then... share your CBV addiction! 

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