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Candles By Victoria Super Bowl order review

Victoria had an awesome sale during Super Bowl... whatever the combined score was at the end of the 1st half would be the percentage discount with orders being taken from end of first quarter to start of 2nd quarter.  I know many of us were hoping for a larger discount and I know Victoria was rooting for us, but 19 percent was still a pretty good discount and I couldn't pass it up.

Victoria now has over 700.. yes, you heard me right... 700!.. scents to choose from.  On top of that, she also has a few special lines of candles (Black Label, Comfort, Sweet Treat and the new Bake Shoppe) and the new Love Potion #9 massage oil candle.  You can check out all the scents and candles at Another new surprise is that Victoria's daughter Melissa has ventured into making soaps and perfumes in CBV fragrances!!!  Her website is  Melissa also has shaving cream sundaes (so darn cute!).  Now onto the review!
Full Order w/ freebie soap

First up is the Black Label candle in Godfather.  This candle is 14 oz.  These fragrances are only available in this one jar and size.  Let me tell you, this candle is AMAZING!  It is a super complex bakery fragrance, but is not your typical bakery.  One thing I like about it is that even though it does have cinnamon, the cinnamon is not overpowering.  I know many people get mainly cinnamon when smelling many of CBV's bakery scents cold.  This is not like that at all.  I get more clove and nutmeg on cold sniff, as well as a background of pumpkin bread.  I am so in love with this scent and am so glad I got this one!  Another one I am wanting to try is 007, which is a relaxing, spa like scent. You can find the Black Label line on the 19th page of candle section. 
Next is the Create-a-Scent in Glass Slippers, which is the scents Sexy in Stilettos and Vanilla Bean Noel.  A member of The Pouring Pot, the CBV message board, created this originally, but I cannot remember who it was.  I love Sexy in Stilettos as is, but the notes of caramel and sweetness from the Vanilla Bean Noel mellows the oriental musk of SIS a bit more and smooths the fragrance out.You can make your own Create-a-Scent (16 oz in size, you pick the color of the wax and have the option to name your custom scent) with 2 fragrances on the 8th page of the candle section. The color I picked was burgundy. 
Ok.... prepare yourself for this next candle!  This sucker is HUGE!  This is the Decorative Cube candle and it is a whooping TWO POUNDS of wax!  You can find it on the 13th page in the candle section.  The cubes come in the color of the scent you choose and the overpour is white.  This makes for a stunning candle, unless the scent you pick is a white or cream colored one I guess.  I got this candle in Love Shack, which is a combination of Love Spell and Pink Sugar.  This scent is a staple scent of CBV, not a create a scent.  Love Spell is really fruity and girly with a bit of muskiness.  Pink Sugar is really sweet and candyish.  The combo is so fun and yummy!
Look at all those cubes!!!

Comparison with a Scent Shot to show size
Next in the lineup is a candle from the Comfort Line that I have been wanting for awhile.  I have had the Caramel Apple Ginger Crisp before and loved it, however, this one may end up knocking CAGC out of the top spot of the Comfort Line, lol.  This is Momma's Peach Cobbler.  These candles are 16 oz of yummy goodness and can be found on the 17th candle page.  The bottom layer is Maple Butter Crunch with crumbs in the same scent on top of that.  Next is a whipped layer of Cajun Cornbread, which is Peach Preserves & Country Cornbread scents mixed.  This is all topped with wax peach slices, maple butter crumbs, gold butter flakes, and real cinnamon!  I seriously just want to grab a spoon and eat this!!!!
Look at those yummy layers!

Isn't the top just so cute?

This next candle is one that my daughter wanted.  Initially, I was going to order one for her and one for me.  I ended up having to cut one off the list, so we rock, paper, scissor-ed for who gets their pick.  She won, darn it, lol.  This is Lemon Lime Fizz from the Sweet Treats collection, found on 18th candle page.  Lemon Lime Fizz smells just like Sprite, with the fizz included!  So freaking cool!  I think the difference between Fizzy Pop and this is there is more citrus in this scent.  Reminds me a little like Fresca soda without the grapefruit notes.  The top of this one has cute wax lime wedges and a dusting of green sugar crystals.  These candles are 12 oz. and are so adorable.  They are larger than you would think though.  One of the pics is a comparison with a scent shot.  

Love the top!
Comparison with Scent Shot

We also ordered two jars of crumbs, one in Cynthia's pick and one in mine.  Cynthia picked Mint Tea (brown), which is a new scent for us, and I picked Lavender Vanilla, one of my favorite relaxing scents.  We are divided in opinion on the Mint Tea.  Cynthia loves it and gets tea and peppermint.  It reminds me of those Bottle Cap candies, the cola flavored ones.  I have no clue why.  It is not bad, just not my cup of tea ( no pun intended, LOL). My jar is in Lavender Vanilla (purple).  The vanilla really tones down the sharpness of the lavender and I just love to melt this when I am reading or just relaxing at home watching movies.


In every order, Victoria and the crew pop in a free scent shot that they pick.  It is pretty fun because you never know what you might get and it is awesome when you get something that you might not pick yourself and end up in love!  This order we got Coconut Cream Pie, which we have had before.  This is a really yummy accurate scent.  You get coconut but it is not in your face because you have the creamy note of the meringue on the top of the pie.  You can see the scent shot in the comparison shots above... seems I forgot to take a individual picture of it.  

A new candle offered is the Love Potion No. 9 Massage Lotion candle.  This candle is 100 percent natural soy, apricot, and jojoba oil, as well as shea butter and Vitamin E.  The scent is very fruity ( I get melon notes but not as much as the Tiffany D scent if you are familiar with that) and a vanilla musk.  After you have melted the candle and put the flame out, you can pour the melted wax into your hands and massage into your body.  It is SUPER moisturizing and smells AMAZING!  As you can see from the picture, I have used it once.  The wax has a low melt temp. so there is no worry of the wax being too hot.  

I also ordered the soap in the Love Potion No. 9 scent and it has the same exact fragrance and just as moisturizing.  The soap is a deep purple with a darker purple drizzle on top with a sprinkling of red/gold glitter.  Both of these items can be found on the 20th candle page.  

Recently, Melissa had a giveaway on her facebook page for a Bathtime With Pooh soap, which is a favorite scent of mine and many CBV addicts.  The scent is a warm toffee/honey scent and is really comforting and soft.  This soap is SO adorable!  It is a honeycomb with honey dripping off one side and even a cute little bee lit on it!  I have not used this one yet, but from the feel of it in my hands, it is going to be full of moisturization.  Thank you so much Melissa.. I was so shocked to win! You can check out all of Melissa's CBV goodies at the link at the beginning of this post.  

  Well, that's all folks!  I hope you enjoyed our recent order.  Cyn and I also uploaded a video review of these on YouTube.  You can find it and past reviews under my username of cbvcandlefreak.  I don't know when my next CBV review will be.  I have started participating in Birchbox and I may start doing reviews of those products I get monthly.  Feel free to leave me comments below! 

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