Sunday, September 16, 2012

Still enjoying summer scents

Even though summer is on the way out and fall is showing its presence by the leavings changing to yellow and the crisp feeling in the air, I am still enjoying scents of summer.  I do like burning or melting scents that go with the season, but I am not one that must stick to that either. 

For the past few days, I have had Sun & Sand on my melter.  This is a dupe of the scent of the same name by Yankee.  It is pretty dead on and stronger than Yankee's scent, which is no surprise if you are familiar with CBV.  

The scent description includes ozone, white flowers, bergamot, orange blossoms, ylang ylang, muguet lily and a light musk base.  These notes blend beautifully.  On cold sniff, I can pick out ylang ylang, bergamot, a bit of musk and maybe the orange blossoms.  When this is melted, everything just comes together to make a great beach scent!

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